Boost Productivity Fast With a Virtual Assistant This 2021

Boost Productivity Fast With a Virtual Assistant This 2021

The pandemic might halt down your productivity. Especially today, most entrepreneurs and business owners are staying longer at home rather than in the office. That’s right; it is very challenging to keep up on being extra productive every day through the new normal setup.

As 2021 hits the calendar, new changes arise, making things more complicated. It even affects one’s lifestyle ranging from personal activities to business responsibilities. So, it hinders people’s mental, emotional, and physical capacities to accomplish all things at once. 

Have you seen yourself just sitting in our living room instead of working in your home office area? Well, it is definitely more comfortable to stay relaxed at home. Moreover, are your children playing around the house, preventing you from focusing more on your paper works? 

A lot more unproductive scenarios at home are experienced by many during this pandemic. You are not alone, and someone’s sure to lend you a hand.

How entrepreneurs face the “new normal”?

Several entrepreneurs and business owners nowadays are facing the same struggles. It even makes their day less productive than the typical days in the office. As a result, it could lead to more significant problems in the family and the business.

You see, if entrepreneurs missed one thing for the company, the whole company calendar becoming late. The deadlines are being adjusted, resulting in a lesser efficiency and longer time to achieve the goals. Clients and customers might not also fully get satisfied due to unorganised circumstances.  Unfortunately, it could even slow down the business’ sales following lower and weaker profits. 

Now, can you imagine the worst cases of unhealthy working conditions? Clearly, entrepreneurs should never forget the importance of productivity.

That’s the main reason why it is wise to boost productivity with a helping hand. 

What’s the secret? 

Today, many businesses begin to reach out to virtual assistant services in other countries, mainly to outsource to the Philippines

Here’s a glimpse of the result: Virtual assistants transformed business owners’ schedule, workloads, and overall business operations to be more efficient and organised. 

How can virtual assistants help you?

Hiring a virtual assistant with the right skills and expertise can help you get the job well done. Imagine what it would be like to have your own virtual assistant.

Well, your business will run smoother, and your life will be easier! 

Plus, you have more time to focus on what’s at hand. Here are some ways to scale your business with a virtual assistant this 2021. 


Being a business owner or an entrepreneur requires you to be constantly on the go and that you tend to forget your other meetings and schedule for the day. Sometimes, you also have a lot of stuff going on that you need to cancel your other appointments.

Deadlines are also fast approaching, making things more complicated to finish completely. Besides that, you could also mess up as you focus on unimportant things, forgetting to prioritise the critical things due to a chaotic calendar.

Here’s how a virtual assistant can help you. One of the more essential and more important tasks you can have your VA help you with is scheduling. Simply share access to your calendar and allow them to organise everything, so you don’t miss another meeting again, or it won’t overlap with your personal errands.

You only need to brief your VA on which meetings tend to prioritise so they can work more autonomously. Moreover, you can also ask them to organise team meetings, the best time to reschedule your cancelled appointments or organise your schedule for a business trip. 

Like a face-to-face personal assistant, virtual assistants can also remind you of the things you need to do for the day. They can even plan out the tasks for the whole week or even a month! 

Now, you rest assured that you won’t miss any calls, meetings and face any delays for the whole time working with our assistant. Remember, you are not a superhero to handle all the tasks. It is still wise to outsource tasks wisely.


Another thing a virtual assistant can help you with is to establish and maintain your digital identity. Having a solid and significant online presence is critical to your overall marketing plans and business growth. However, keep a solid digital presence is not a piece of cake, for it entails a sleeking process requiring an entire focus on social media engagements.

As a business owner or an entrepreneur, planning, creating and scheduling your social media posts can take up a lot of your time. But then, if you hire a VA, you have removed a massive workload on your back. How?

Virtual assistants are trained to do social media management and engagements. They can create content for you, interact with your social media followers, or add more contacts to your social networks. Besides, your VA can also write blogs for your website or create infographics! 

You know what, you could also enjoy live videos and podcasts online to build stronger rapport with your clients. With your VA, you can collaborate with them to think of topics and themes for online live engagements. They can also set up your videos and podcast, making sure you are all prepared for your page!

Through this, your business can earn the limelight, resulting in a more significant number of possible clients and customers. Afterwards, it could give you more sales and higher profits! 

Yes, you don’t worry about posting daily with appropriate content, images, and keywords. You are not also going to experience the challenge of communicating with the audience. VAs can handle these things, and the only thing you may do is supervise them.


Thinking of redesigning your business website this 2021, but you don’t know how? Leave it to the experts! Hire a VA who knows what to do and how to make your website look better so you can focus your time on creating your marketing plan or putting together your next business promotion.

Remember, your website would serve as your online portfolio or online shop to introduce your product and services. It could also feature your expertise, backgrounds, and overall business operations. So, you must maintain a great website as it reflects your business identity. 

But then, only web developers or skilled individuals in web designing can handle this project. You should not worry about all the details of your website. What else do you need to do? Just tell your VAs about the style, design, and branding and wait for them to build your website. Afterwards, you can approve their creation to make it available online. 

Entrepreneurs like you do not need to study all aspects of web development because specific individuals can accomplish this task. Through this, you are getting more productive on other essential things for the business.


Email marketing is a great way to connect with your clients, as they are constantly checking their emails. Since it’s the new normal, you’ll need to have fresh content to send to your subscribers. Most importantly, the emails you are about to send should consist of compelling copy and details. 

In this case, if you maintain a sharp and active email marketing for your online business, people would notice you more. They could also get interested in the things you offer!

However, email marketing is extra challenging if you are not really into copywriting. Even the words you write might not be as powerful as they must be due to a lack of writing experience. So, you need to reach out to virtual assistants services. 

Hire a virtual assistant to create engaging emails. They have prior background and expertise in writing compelling sales copy while introducing your brand name to the market. 

Other than that copywriting services, virtual assistants can also schedule these emails for your business. They are also expert in handling email marketing tools such as ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, MailerLite, etc. So, your VA can also create follow-up emails to unresponsive subscribers or answer email inquiries. 


Other than social media management, web development, and email marketing, one thing that is very effective for today’s businesses is SEO. The SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) world has changed a lot over the last couple of years. It helps your website rank in Google search results, making your company more established online.

But how would you rock SEO? The key is providing concrete and firm content. Creating solid content will create a great advantage for your business. It ranges from your images, videos, blogs, and other important content recognisable by Google. 

If your company became successful in SEO, you would receive more exposure, developing more trust from the audience.

Of course, some entrepreneurs are not really familiar with SEO. You might also hear about this but have not really explored it well. However, some virtual assistants in Australia, the Philippines, and other countries are experts in SEO content writing and website ranking. 

So, hiring a VA skilled in SEO will help your content to be positioned and marketed in a way that will bring in consistent, long-term traffic this 2021.

How outsourcing boosts productivity?

From all the tasks written above, you are surely not capable of doing all these things at once. Even you try to do it one at a time, it would take so much of your time, money, and effort. It could even burn you out due to a lack of experience with all the tasks above. 

However, if you try to delegate all the tasks to people with the specific skills you need, it would be much easier and faster!

For example, you will ask a chef to build you a house and request a carpenter to cook you a high-quality dish. If you allow them to do the tasks they are not experienced with, they might not finish it right away. Unlike if they are expert in that field, they could do it immediately. 

The same with outsourcing, you will not push yourself into something you are not an expert. Instead, you would look for someone with skill in those tasks. Therefore, if social media marketing is not your thing, ask for assistance from someone with skill in this project. 

Once you find the people to delegate the assignments, you will feel a more secure and efficient time handling other tasks for the business. It would also make you more comfortable while enjoying more time with your family and friends. 

Through this, more productive days will come ahead. Do you expect to have a more efficient time for your business? Now is the time to look for virtual assistants available online.

How can I have my own virtual assistant?

Unlike personal assistants, virtual assistants can work remotely. The way to communicate is through phone calls, video conferencing, and emails. But you don’t need to worry about this because today’s technology can support all the communication online. 

In this case, you can also find your virtual assistant online. You only need to consider trusted virtual assistance servicing companies or independent virtual assistant. Check out their credibilities and verify their previous services to other clients.

For Australian entrepreneurs, one well-established outsourcing company is Kaya Services. It provides entrepreneurs with highly skilled and experienced virtual assistants in Australia and the Philippines. They are ready to help various companies and businesses to implement excellent online services. 

Virtual assistants from Team Kaya are trained in various tasks such as email marketing, content creation, video and image editing, and other projects for your whole business. They will work with you to scale your business and help you achieve your goals! 

Virtual assistants in Kaya Services can help your productivity and business efficiency. It could help you gain more assets, leads, and business opportunities.

Book a 30-Day Trial if you want to start boosting your productivity with expert virtual assistants.