Why Outsource Work to Virtual Assistant This Coming Holiday

Why Outsource Work to Virtual Assistant This Coming Holiday

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… but wait, is it? With the growing pile of work you have to do before Christmas Eve comes, will you ever be able to finish everything on your list?

Just like Santa Claus and his team of helpful elves, you need a reliable team of virtual assistants to help you cross off everything on your to-do list. From sending eCards to your clients, to preparing for 2022, there are a lot of things you need to cover. 

Here’s how a virtual assistant service will take action. If you hire one, they can help you lessen the stress this holiday season. See more of what they can provide you during the busiest month of the year.


Before Christmas arrives, it is kind and pleasant to send your clients a thank you email or send them a sincere eCard. Wouldn’t you feel happy and memorable when your company remembers to greet you? Bet your clients would, too. 

Even your employees would love to receive a greeting from their boss! Well, not just that, would you forget your potential clients online or even your followers on social media. Of course, you would forget your lovely friends and family to send awesome Christmas cards, even via online chats or messages. 

However, creating and sending greetings can be time-consuming. Imagine you need to come up with compelling messages for them. Considering this task would be extra challenging for you have to make different content for your current clients, previous clients, potential clients, and other audiences online. You may do first personal messages for your loved ones, but it would still take up much of your time. 

Moreover, the design should also be creative and as attractive as it suits the season. It’s not ending there; once you completed the customisable ecards, you also need to send these right on-time. 

Whilst imagining the whole preparation, it gives you so much hassle, right?

To maximise all your time during the busiest month, ask for help from virtual assistants in the Philippines. A virtual assistant is skilled in various tasks to handle your holiday errands. They can help you with planning, scheduling, and even executing the whole holiday setup. 

Your VA can cater to your email marketing which can be of immense help in these times. They can manage the whole process for you, from writing the message, choosing the card design to be used, sending the emails, and replying to their messages.

Also, they can go the extra mile and purchase a gift for your clients. Simply explain to your VA the budget and type of gift you would like him/her to buy.

You see, sending gifts and messages could take up all your days and weeks before the holidays! If you have someone to do these tasks, you will just sit and finish up some business before the holidays. 


You are not only getting attention through simply holiday greetings if you can still do more! Increase your sales this holiday season by running a promotion. These holiday campaigns would invite more potential customers whilst they also enjoy the upcoming holiday. 

Remember, your audience is busy, too, during this season. However, if you build up to something fun and exciting events, possible clients would indeed show up! 

For example, you could conduct holiday promotions such as holiday sales, raffle promos, or freebie events exclusively for your target market. Through this, you are using the perfect time to promote your business. 

But here’s another problem ‒ your time! Of course, it would cover so much time. It includes the overall planning for the promotion and the announcement of the holiday events. It might not become your priority through all the activities to finish. So, this is why the delegation of tasks to outsource to the Philippines is a smart move! 

A virtual assistant with skills and experience in digital marketing can help you create a promotion plan.  They would provide you with assistance with the best promotion to conduct for this year! 

Your VA can help set up email marketing and social media campaigns. They can also handle all the queries, advertisement, and prizes (if needed) through the event. Besides, they can send out newsletters to your clients to help push last-minute sales or let them know about upcoming deals in the new year. 

With the help of your VA, you can conduct a remarkable holiday event for your followers. They would enjoy these kinds of promotions whilst you never feel any worries about the execution. Undoubtedly, you will get to be busy for this festive promotion, but then, a VA would help you lift all the loads.


Besides the e-greetings and festive promos, one of the most time-consuming tasks during holidays is keeping your inbox organised. Business owners really face a bunch of emails making things more chaotic. It can even take a lot of time to check all emails and answer everything before the holidays.

So, the last thing you want to do on your holiday break is replying to your client’s emails, but you can’t also leave all those emails waiting or won’t look good if you simply ‘go offline.

To make things more orderly and organise, someone trained in these tasks should handle them for you. Hire a VA to manage your emails during the holidays. They can answer queries on your email and even remind you of the deadline and payments before the month ends. Your VA could also guide you through the first thing to accomplish first because they are the ones updated on track of your business. 

In this case, before you have your holiday leave, everything is smooth and done. Your VA can now complete the additional tasks without worrying about it all the holidays.

If you let your virtual assistant handle your emails, it will keep your clients happy, and you get to enjoy your holiday break! 

What are the benefits? You will be stressed-free during the holiday season, and you will spend more time with your family and friends. For the whole year of handling your business, there would be someone you would pass on to whilst enjoying the vacation ‒ that’s what virtual assistant services can do to entrepreneurs!


During the holiday season, you are not the only one to enjoy. You should also let your employees have a blast during the holidays. How? Show your employees that you appreciate all their hard work in your company, and you’re grateful to have their support by throwing them a party.

You are not required to prepare an enormous party for your employees and teams. But, you may give your recognition to them through small acts of kindness. You may serve simple foods, drinks, and short programs for them. 

You could throw this holiday party in the office or even at a lovely venue for everyone to enjoy. For example, you may rent a small villa or hall that would bring a new ambience to your people.

You see, the whole team could have fun with the party through simple games, activities, or challenges. You can also prepare some prizes or small gifts for them that suit your budget well. 

All this party preparation for your company welcomes sounds terrific. However, it would also retake an excellent time for you. But you have someone to organise this stuff for you. You will never get tired of putting up parties for everyone! 

You don’t need to hire a party organiser with you. The one that you need is a virtual assistant in Australia or other places with skilled VAs. Together with your VA, talk about your budget, numbers of attendees, requirements with the location and your VA will book a venue, send out invitations, and take the pressure off with the party planning.

Through this, you can make your family and employees’ holiday as excellent as it could be. You and your VA can plan things out before everyone’s on holidays and they can handle these tasks for you. In this case, you just strengthen your rapport with your business workforce.


Things are not going to end after Christmas as you also need to work hard for the upcoming holiday ‒ the New Year’s celebration. Afterwards, you are going to raise things to nail your new business year.

As a business owner, your focus is allotted to growing your business and creating marketing plans. It means you’re also focused on planning for the new year ahead. What new year plans should you launch, new ideas to increase your clients, and improve your services.

For you to plan everything for the new year, you should balance the whole new calendar. Setting new goals, vision and enhancing your overall brand positioning should be your next priority.

You also need to reflect on the overall accomplishments of the previous year. Not just that, you must also consider the improvements you should make for your company, for your employees and your clients. You must also prepare even the new strategies and fresh ideas before hitting the following calendar year. 

Well, it seems more exhausting and extra challenging than the first four things on the list. However, this part of the preparation after the big holidays is the most important! 

If you fail to plan your new business year, you might not get ready for your business’s possible events. It could also interfere with the growth of your business, resulting in ineffective operations. Instead of earning more, you might face a crisis through unprepared business goals for the following year.

However, you shall not worry about this too much if you have someone to rely on to. You can reach out to virtual assistants services and ask for their expertise in the business planning processes. These outsourcing companies would totally guide you to maintain and even improve your businesses. 

What could they do for you? Your virtual assistant can compile the feedbacks from previous and current clients. They can also survey to further identify the problems within the company. Moreover, the VAs can also do an analysis report for the previous year’s data. Through this, you will be able to see the things to work on. 

Aside from that, VAs can also guide you and give additional suggestions for the new techniques in marketing, financing, and business management. They would not just lend you a hand but give you their conservative ideas, making a more significant impact on your business development for the new coming years.

Are you ready to have a break during the holidays?

If you cannot still put things together, you might not fully enjoy the holiday season. But if you have people behind you to support you, you can easily have a break from your work. 

That is why, before the upcoming holidays, get yourself your personal virtual assistant! Try it in a month and see how it can make a lot of difference than working alone. 

If things with the VA did not help you, then continue working independently. However, once you see how your job became lighter and more comfortable, you should start welcoming outsourcing from this year until next year. 

Witness how they can help you planning, organising, and maximising your own schedule. Also, observe how virtual assistants can do several tasks that they are skilled and inexperienced with. Furthermore, check out their assistance to improve your business’ exposure, efficiency, and credibility.

Once you fully understand how VAs changes entrepreneurs and business owners’ lives, you would also experience its benefits on your own. 

Just try it for this upcoming holidays and see what else it can give you. 

How to find the right virtual assistant?

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See more of their offers and packages that will surely help you before the year ends. Get started now.