5 Interesting Traits and Work Ethics of Filipino Virtual Assistants

5 Interesting Traits and Work Ethics of Filipino Virtual Assistants

A lot of small business owners, solo entrepreneurs and startups in Australia have adapted the remote business model. It’s easy, cost effective and takes your business to a different level at a much faster timeline. Filipino virtual assistants are not new to the remote work set up, as the virtual assistant network has been in the Philippines’s economic pipeline for over a decade. This means that you will not need to spend so much time in getting your VA acclimated to the kind of virtual work set up you intend to employ. A lot of people may also be hesitant at first, but it is unbelievable how a number of Australians had wished they had made the decision to hire a Filipino VA sooner, rather than later. These are some of the top traits of a Filipino VA that our clients from all over Australia love!

Professional, but fun loving

In general, Filipinos are very professional, but also love to have fun. The culture is quite similar to Australia in the sense that they show a huge deal of professionalism in their role and tasks. They do not give in to workplace politics, keep calm under pressure and most importantly, meet the deadlines of their tasks.

Understands various cultures and diversity

The Philippines, most especially Manila is a melting pot of various cultures, personalities and has a mix of different work ethics. Since most of our VAs are from the country’s capital, they are used to and exposed to working with other cultures, nationalities and religions. If your business is one that deals with a multitude of these, your virtual assistant from the Philippines will be quick to adapt and get onboarded with they need to get going.

Inevitably, there will be times that you will need to give feedback and constructive criticism to your VA’s work. There will be times when your VA may have missed to work on something or may have possibly done something incorrectly, letting them know that their work needs improvement is sorting that they are very open to. Unlike others, Filipino virtual assistants are humble and understand that no matter how long they have been in the remote work industry, they shrill have flaws and need to work on a number of improvements.

Did you just assign a simple video task to an admin VA? Or did you just ask your content writer to update your sales database? Although each of Kaya’s VAs have different strengths, our Filipino virtual assistants are self-sufficient and do not limit themselves to what they know. Although, they have and know their limitations, they will try to get the job done by researching, looking for tutorials that might help get the job done!

Great communicatorsSince English is the primary mode of instruction in the Philippines’ schools and offices, Filipino Virtual assistants have mastered the English language, can understand Australian English expressions and are also very adept at writing using the UK/Australian English. So, you will not find yourself with a virtual assistant clueless about how to communicate because of a language barrier.The positive traits of Pilippine virtual assistants are endless, and we would be glad to tell you more about it! Call us to find out more about how you and your virtual assistants in the Philippines can make the A-Team!