Ultimate Guide Why Companies Should Hire Virtual Assistants

Ultimate Guide Why Companies Should Hire Virtual Assistants

When you manage your own business, it's impossible not to have a lengthy to-do list that grows every single day. You would feel as though you are pulled in different directions every day. As a result, you have little time, or you can't focus on making your business grow.

If you're struggling every day with the same problem and if you feel like you need more than 24 hours every day just to cross off everything on your to-do list, then hiring virtual assistant services may be a great idea. A virtual assistant is your extra helping hand in times of chaos. S/he can help you with a wide range of administrative and marketing tasks so that you can focus your attention on growing your business and on important matters.

Virtual assistants from the Philippines have considerable experience and knowledge that can help you produce desired results in a timely and professional manner. Your VA can also help you increase your business leads and sales while also giving you more time and freedom to work in the critical areas of your business.

This article will explain the different benefits in which your VA can help you and why are successful companies choosing to hire Virtual Assistants?

Why Do Successful Businesses Choose to Hire Virtual Assistants?

Running a successful business is far from easy. Many one-man-team entrepreneurs get stuck trying to work out everything in their business. They take on too many roles within their business, from human resource receptionist, data entry clerk to a sales representative. While it's true that a successful business must take a risk, spreading yourself too thin is not the most proactive thing because you risk making mistakes and overlooking opportunities that come along way. 

Successful businesses and companies understand the importance of entrusting tasks for others to accomplish. As a manager, fewer responsibilities on your plate can help you focus more on things that matter the most for the company. 

Hiring virtual assistants are managers, business owners, and companies’ solution for achieving more work with fewer resources. Here is a deeper look at why they hire overseas virtual assistants and how doing so can cut expenses. 

Higher productivity

According to Forbes, about 91% of people feel they are more productive working from home than in an office. Research from Stanford also backs this up. They say remote workers have 13% higher productivity. Yes, Kaya services are also a little biased, let alone commuting to and from work contributes to fewer working hours.  

And because virtual assistant's from the Philippines work remotely, they don't get the chance for water cooler conversations. Employees taking a break to socialize with each other is a major interruption in the office, eating up valuable working time to accomplish tasks. 

Cuts Operational Costs

Considering that there's health care, taxes, worker compensation, paid sick leave, paid vacations, payroll costs, life insurance, and overhead expenses in the office, full-time employees cost way more than hiring a virtual assistant. 

The greatest savings from hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines is also reduced operational costs. Studies show that employing a virtual assistant at your service saves you up to 79% of operating costs annually. Also, it may seem minor; remote workers reduce the need for additional office space, furniture, and office equipment because VAs have provided it with all. There's no need for you to supply VAs with workspace, pens, and office equipment.  

Vas Maintains Your Killer Online Presence

In this age of digital revolution, social media, content creation, and content marketing have become the norm, and people expect an online presence in every business. 

Hiring a virtual assistant is a great investment in this area. By its nature, a virtual assistant wields the digital skills you need to implement and maintain your business's online strategy. You no longer need all your working hours creating images on Canva, pooling quotes and sharing grammatically correct and well-researched tips on social media—your VA has your back on this one.

Become More Competitive

Virtual assistants can efficiently monitor changes that take place in the market. Because they are always online, they keep an eye on market trends and competitors. As a result of this, you can rely on a VA to help you upgrade current operations and implement new and original strategies on your business.

If you delegate tasks properly to your VA, you can ensure they become a valuable asset to your company, making you more competitive. Yes, they work on their own time, but they are most efficient than most in-house workers. 

Key Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants can work across all industries; that's why the demand for VA grows each year. A virtual assistant is commonly a home-based contract worker, which means you don't have to deal with employment-related issues, such as health benefits, office equipment, etc. You only have to pay for the precise number of hours worked by your VA.

Your VA is usually already skilled and experienced, so there's minimal training required for him/her.

  • Vas Help You Scale Your Business Operations Fast

Is your company or business work volume increasing fast and decreasing your turnaround time? Well then, you're in the position to quit wasting time and start scaling up. The process of scaling up involves adding more employees to accommodate the increasing need and volume of work. However, hiring a full-time employee can be very expensive. Fortunately, virtual assistants are there to help you handle the growing work volume while keeping your budget in check. 

Virtual Assistants are virtual and contractual, so you can assign them whenever there is a business need. Also, VAs are professionals with specific digital skills. They graduated from a University, and you don't have to spend any money to train them. 

  • Time Is Worth More Than Money

You may have all the money you can get in the world, but you only got limited time in which to spend it. 

A successful business knows that time is their best asset they need to grip on tightly. Without proper time management, you can't think strategically, build new relationships, and innovate ideas; all you have is a business that refuses to flourish no matter how much you put work at it. Entrepreneurs who spend their hours and days working on a low-key administrative task such as data entry, email management, or customer support are kidding themselves that they have a chance to grow their company into an empire. 

To grow your business, you need time to focus on your core business missions, visions, and functionalities. Rather than wasting your precious time in daily operations, hire a virtual assistant and delegate your non-core activities. This will help you think strategically about the business and help you set your ultimate goals that guide your company to better performance and long-term success.

  • 24/7 Customer Service and Availability

Nowadays, businesses transcend internationally to reach customers across the globe. However, when your business and employees are located in one particular area, it won't be easy to cope with different customer time zones and global needs. For instance, if you're based in Rhode Island, your working hours will be midnight for your customers in Sydney, Australia! The only way you can handle this obstacle is to have a Virtual Assistant from Australia or work 24/7 in your Rhode Island office.

Luckily for you, you can hire virtual assistants that are working remotely. You can easily hire them across the world to cater to your differences with time zones. This way, you don't need your central office to function 24 hours a day. You and your staff can maintain a healthy work-life balance while still catering to customers 24/7.

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Business

  • Email Marketing

Developing and maintaining a mailing list will surely take most of your time. Not to mention the regular newsletter or email flow to keep your audience engaged and updated with your business.

A VA comes handy in these time-consuming tasks. Your VA can schedule email blasts, create emails/newsletters, and complete other important email tasks.

  • Content Marketing

"Content is King" is a popular phrase among content creators. It's true for several enterprises since readable and relatable content can make or break your business. An effective content marketing strategy's ins and outs can be overwhelming, so it can be a struggle for many business owners.

With our content creation services provided by our virtual assistants, you can rest easy knowing that we do the tough work for you.  

Your VA can create amazing content that will attract visitors into your blog/website. They can also do other content tasks and create and respond to social media posts. This results in stronger brand awareness and greater search engine optimization, resulting in a proven return on investment (ROI).

  • SEO

Another critical aspect of every digital marketing business is search engine optimization or SEO. Hire a VA who has an experience and knowledge in SEO. Your VA will make your website more visible to your target audience which means more website traffic. To be more specific, targeted traffic which is more useful to your business.

  • Social Media

As a business owner, it's important to have a social media presence nowadays. This will help people to know more about your products/services. Plus, your business will be easier to find online.

Unfortunately, you may not have enough time to manage your social media because you're focused on important matters of your business. A VA can help you create a great business profile on each social media platform and compose messages or posts on a regular basis that will inspire your followers to take action. Your VA may also respond to questions and comments. Also, direct or private messages.

All business owners only want one thing: for their business to be successful. But most of the time it's impossible to grow your business and cross off everything on your to-do list. That's why hiring a VA is a great solution to maximize your own efficiency while also giving your other business tasks the time and attention they deserve.

Hiring an experienced virtual assistant can minimize your expenses while benefiting from increased productivity. Altogether, hiring a virtual assistant is a wonderful solution to grow your business with less stress.

Hire a virtual assistant today!

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