Be More Productive With The Help of Your Virtual Assistants

If your company requires several projects, then hiring a team of virtual assistants can help you finish the job faster. Assigning tasks to a lot of people can get confusing and some tasks may slip out of hand. So one way on how you can become more organised and productive is to use virtual assistant software tools that allow you to manage your projects and tasks.

With your team of virtual assistants handling different specialisations and projects, using Asana is one of the best way in categorising, organising, and managing your projects and tasks.

Asana is one of the best virtual assistant software tool that allows you and your team to create unlimited projects and list down specific tasks. You can collaborate with your team of VAs and tag them in each specific task you create or they can create their own tasks within the project, tag themselves, add due dates, attachments, and even comments. You can even add subtasks under each tasks. When your work is done, you can mark the tasks as “Complete”, crossing them out into your existing list of to do’s.

Creating a workflow of projects and tasks has never been easy with a team of skilled virtual assistants and an easy-to-use organisational software tool!