Outsource to the Philippines and Enjoy Work-Life Balance

Outsource to the Philippines and Enjoy Work-Life Balance

Hiring a remote assistant is essential to help you and your business stay afloat and ensure that you achieve work-life balance. All work and no play would eventually drain the life out of you. Worse, you may possibly drift away from your goal, which is to expand your business. Nowadays, everything can be done through the internet. Virtual assistants from all over the world, particularly in the Philippines (VA) can work remotely to help you run your business. With that, you can focus on the things that matter more, scaling your company up, growing your team's processes, and spending time with your family. 

Why is Work-Life Balance Important?

Achieving a healthy work-life balance is not only important for health and relationships, but it can also enhance your productivity, and eventually your performance. Put it simply, if you're not viewing your work as a chore, then you likely work harder and make fewer mistakes. 

Businesses that encourage their people with work-life balance have become very attractive, especially when the company considers how hard it is to attract and keep millennial workers. The Oxford Economic states, "You'll spend around EURO30,000 to replace an employee, and it would take up to 28 weeks to get them to speed". With this in mind, it's a good idea to ensure your existing employees are happy. Now, businesses that focus on work-life balance draw them closer to a valuable talent-pool for recruits. This boosts their retention rates and even saves time and money.

Business Benefits of Work-Life Harmony in Your Organisation

With many of us stressed over juggling heavy obligations, workloads, relationships, family responsibilities, and our own interests, it's no surprise that we jeopardise our social lives. When we are tired or stressed, over-fatigued, and overworked, our stress levels spike and our productivity plummets. Our physical and mental health are at risks too. Stress and anxiety can destroy our concentration, make us feel irritated or depressed, and ruin our relationships. 

Over time, unhealthy work-life balance and stress affect our immune system. It weakens us and leads to a variety of symptoms that affects our overall performance. This ranges from influenza to more severe health conditions, including strokes and respiratory problems. 

As you may know, things that benefit employees benefit the business as a whole. Here's why work-life harmony ultimately helps your employees and business.

Reduce Employee Turnaround time for Tasks

If you can satisfy your employees, then they will stay. Showing employees they can still maintain their work-life balance while working with you boost their job satisfaction. 

High project turnover is terrible for the morale of your employees. It also disrupts the process of projects and makes goals harder to achieve. One way to increase turnover rates is paying attention to potential new hires. If they are happy then it’s a sign of job satisfaction. Give them a sense of pride in their work and encourage people to stay. Taking a closer look at staff retention promotes work-life harmony and makes your business attractive to new in-house talent.

Introduces Flexi-Working Hours

In the post-COVID-19 workplace, where people primarily work from home, flexible working hours become a necessity, not a privilege. More millennials are now in the workplace, so the demand for work-from-home with flexible work hours has never been higher. With the advantage of technology nowadays, it has never been easier to encourage flexible working in your business, which is packed with several benefits including:

  1. Dynamism in your business–staff and employees do not get entrenched in the habit of working. 
  2. Flexible working hours means more efficiency and productiveness in your company–the more flexible your approach to work-from-home, the more you save from actual travel expenses.
  3. Flexible working hours means more business opportunities–employees who are out and about at different times of the day can take hold of any unexpected business opportunities while not stuck working at the office. 
  4. The workforce is more motivated to provide more value to your business–flexible work hours mean your employee's stress level is significantly reduced. The happier your workplace, the more reason you don't have to deal with absenteeism and tardiness. 
  5. Flexible working hours means better staff retention–A happy workplace boosts staff retention. Staff sticking around for years has more benefit than the timely and costly recruitment process. 

Improved Productivity of Staffs

Our modern culture is obsessed with the P-word. In a business sense, we think of 'productivity’ as an output you can measure. A lot of companies worry that the expenses of flexible working and autonomy decrease overall output. But actually, the opposite is true. A survey from Canada Life Group Insurance stated 77% of employees in the UK knew that flexible working hours made them more productive. The same recent data found that only 17% of employees who work from home are affected by workplace anxiety and stress.

When staff aren't worrying about things they shouldn't be, this lowers workplace stress levels and increases their wellbeing and boosts productivity. With the rest of the world knowing the benefits of work from home in terms of productivity, there's never been a better chance for the modern culture to take a deeper look at outdated workplace tradition and open the door to a more productive and modern way of working. 

Improves your culture

So far, we've learned that employees with better work-life harmony are less prone to stress, and they are less likely to create mistakes during their shifts. Happy employees are very contagious, which means a happy employee can have a ripple effect within your office, helping to foster a happy and positive workplace for everyone.  

More than just that, if your company supports a work-life balance, you'll create a positive outlook on what your business is all about. Having a happy culture can help you build your pool of talent in the near future. Not only this is good because it's a sign of growth, but positive business culture gives you an advantage over your competition. 

Increases Employee Engagement

So who are your best workers? Hopefully, you've said it's the employees who are engaged the most with your business's goals. These are the people who are the most inspired, trustworthy, loyal, productive, and motivated. They also engaged in fewer sick days, and are less likely to resign, and are willing to offer your services to others. 

If you want to surround your workplace with these types of loyal employees, maintaining a work-life harmony is the best place to start. 

Proven Ways You Can Achieve Work-Life Harmony with a Virtual Stuff

Have a read through the top 3 three ways that your virtual team can help you and your company to reach work-life balance and greater heights. 

#1 Remote assistants are multi-skilled.

Thousands of remote assistants from the Philippines are contributing to the success of different companies around the world. They learn unique skills to match the growing need of your business. Whether you need someone to do graphic design, recruit talent, create content for your social media platforms, there is a virtual assistant in Philippines meant for each of these tasks. You need not be master of these, nor be a jack of all trades, you can easily onboard someone reliable and multi-skilled to do these for you. 

#2 Go on vacation at any time of the year.

Now that you have a multi-skilled assistant who works offshore, you can take a massive load off your shoulders. You can go on a vacation with your family no matter what season, knowing your company is in good hands. You can easily oversee what's going on with your sales and your company as you can check updates online. No need to worry about getting dressed to attend business meetings, ensuring that your flight gets back in town in time for that presentation, getting stuck in traffic before and after the vacation rush,etc. Everything is now possible through the web.

#3 Business solutions and ideas are within reach. 

Brainstorming for business ideas and solutions is one of the tedious work that you go through almost every day. The best thing with having a virtual staff working with is that you have an entire army to bombard you with ideas. So, you won't need to go for hours and hours of excruciating solo brainstorming sessions. Working with a team means you have someone to consult, in improving your business process. A virtual team may just be the excitement that you have been looking for.. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, you can surely leverage your staff's ideas and experiences in finding the right methods to resolve each circumstance.

#4 Make changes to your business efficiently and quickly

Say your family needs to move to another resident. If you run your entire business online with virtual assistant services, the only change you have to make is concerns with your clients and updates on your public information. This is something your VA can handle with few clicks. Having a manageable business that relies on digital workers can ensure you can still take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

 #5 Scale up your Business Without Minimum

Hiring a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines when your business is expanding and prospering makes a vast difference in your life. Unlike virtual assistants, hiring full-time employees to scale has setbacks. For instance, you still need to buy office equipment before you hire an employee. With virtual assistants though, they provided everything with their own.

A virtual assistant in the Philippines can use its expert knowledge in specific fields. They can manage your expense, create content for your blog, update your diary, set upcoming events for you, recreate your website and logos, and a lot more. They can take a lot of tasks in your hands to free you up some time, so you can focus more on the crucial task that can make or break your business.

If you can simply run your business, then you'll decrease the chance of getting stressed. Stay in check with your stress levels to prevent many health problems. The better you feel in your working hours, in the long run, the better your quality of life.

Kaya Services is your best partner in hiring multi-skilled virtual assistants to join your team. Take your company to the next level by forming your virtual team. Choose the right talent who will help execute your vision with you today.

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