Telltale Signs You’re Ready to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Telltale Signs You’re Ready to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant is an investment for most business owners. Investing in a VA means that you are also willing to delegate and let go of some of the work you do yourself. When you delegate, you can focus your time and effort on fulfilling more important roles and tasks that matter. Although you may think that clerical or administrative tasks are easy peasy, by doing so, you may be missing great opportunities by being too busy typing or organizing files that date back years ago. 

But how do you know if you're ready to outsource work to a VA? Let's discuss it below.

Hiring an in-house assistant or just outsourcing your work to a VA is a tough decision many business owners have to choose, especially if they are starting to really grow. There are many loops to consider, like your work's nature or how badly you are bottlenecking your operations. You might also weigh the pros of cons of hiring an assistant vs outsourcing to a VA. Hiring an in-house assistant can be great, but every business is not always on high points, so you might still have to pay even when your business is in the lowest times. Hence, with Virtual Assistants, you only pay by the work they do. 

Here are telltale signs that you're ready to outsource some of your work to a Virtual Assistant.

You're financially ready to delegate some of your tasks.

Yes, we get it; some things are better done by you. But what is doing those daunting and repetitive tasks costing your business? Are you wearing several hats in your business and feeling like you're running around without really getting anything done? Yes, being hands-on in every little detail in your business has short-term outcomes, but doing these repetitive tasks may seem like the low option.

When you begin to paint a clear picture of your long-term goals, what is the actual cost of doing everything by yourself?

Most certainly, the one thing you're losing and cannot get it back is your most precious time. 

You have these tons of ideas for your business but don't have the time to implement and develop. 

You have this awesome idea that you know will be fruitful to your business. However, all these day-to-day tasks are hindering you from actually starting with it. More likely, you already have more work than time, and thinking about working on your worthy ideas feels too overwhelming to work on. 

You started your business with a clear purpose, but now you're stuck in the backend running it. You're ready to grow, but all that routine day-to-day operations take all your most valuable assets—time. 

Is this you?

This is a sign that you're ready to outsource. 

Working 10-16 hours a day takes a toll on your health.

Have you recently felt ailments you never have before? This might be a sign of too much work and stress. Many entrepreneurs in the world bring a burden of worry to bed every night time. These worries are normal, though, especially if you have a robust business to run, but some are easily prevented. There's no point in trying to wake up in the middle of your sleep at night just to recheck about the invoice or that emails you still haven't sent out—these are all tasks that a VA can do for you.

Not only outsourcing will help you free up some time, but a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines will go a long way to reduce your overall stress. It's no doubt that a VA is an excellent investment for your business and your health.  

Your in-house team is multitasking and stressed.

Not just business owners, but the employees working on startups can be stressed by too much workload. Look around for a second. Can you see your in-house employees multitasking and handling the operations smoothly? Too many tasks on their plate make them overwhelmed and too stressed out that it kills their productivity. Outsourcing to virtual assistant services can solve this problem.

Delegate your work and outsource to the Philippines to let your in-house workforce do what they are good at. Overloading the tasks of your team can ruin the quality of their work. By hiring a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines, your team will thank you for it, and they can perform better.  

You're missing out on clients' deadlines.

Are you always cramming up behind your clients' projects, failing to finish them on time? Do you think it's becoming unrealistic to finish all your daily tasks?

Whether it's about taking care of your company's web development, accounting, and posting regular content on your company's social media platform, the pressure can be stressful and significantly affect the quality of your output if you're running behind every single project.

What you need is an extra workforce hour to delegate some of your work, and you can have this by trying to outsource to the Philippines. They will help you complete your projects right in time because, as the cliché quote goes, two brains are better than one.

Your business halt to grow

You've put a lot of time into work, made the necessary sacrifices, but there's no progress you can show. You've thought that maybe you should not have quit your good position in a big company. Well, at least, back then, you're regularly earning for the work you do. If you feel or think like this right now, it's prime time to look for a Virtual Assistant for hire. The truth is, facts are laid down before you, and all you need to do is manage your time wisely and effectively. Does hiring a virtual assistant make you profitable right away? No, but it will open up opportunities for you to turn things around and focus on rapidly growing your business

You have your business, but you feel unhappy and miserable.

It's fulfilling to have your business. But if you're an employee, your only measure of productivity is your monthly salary. However, there are times that you've probably felt that the amount of work you do for the company's success doesn't equate to your overall contribution. But as an entrepreneur, you are getting rewarded for your efforts and productivity. To put it simply, you get what work you put in.

However, at what cost? How many times did you miss attending your son's birthday parties? How many milestones of your kids you've never had to witness because of too much work? How many nights does your partner spend having dinner alone?

Entrepreneurship is a double-edged sword. It may have given you financial independence, but it also took your freedom to spend quality time with your family and loved ones. Time lost is time you will never get back.

When you have a Virtual Assistant ready to work for you, you never have to miss any important event for your family ever again. You can rest assured that your VA will do the work efficiently while you're away. 

You're stuck doing work that is something that you don't love. 

If you're doing work that you love and meant for you, time can fly so fast when you're on it. You're feeling content with the task you do, and you get to work a lot by maintaining your sanity. There's this tendency that you feel that you're not working at all. If you can do a task every day, and it makes you happy, you're in your zone. That's good, so try to stay in there. 

Alternatively, if you're losing your sanity or patience to accomplish a task, you might want to outsource it to the Philippines. When you're stuck doing work that is not in your zone of genius, it feels like time is going backwards. You're more likely inefficient because you're working on something you don't want to. 

When you're working on a full effort to something that pulls you away from what you're most skilled at, you're losing your company money by paying non-expert (you) to do the task for your business. You wouldn't hire an accountant to develop your website, right? You also may want to delegate your websites designs and functionalities to a web builder if you don't have the experience for it.

Part of being an entrepreneur is having the awareness to know what you are supposed to do and what isn't. There's a strong chance that you're not as effective as the specialized VA with experiences in web development. So, it's best to outsource that work you’re not familiar with and stop losing your ROI. 

What can a Virtual Assistant offer you?

Now, you're more convinced that assistants are an asset to a company. However, you're still thinking about what they can actually offer you. Here are the top tasks that companies (and even small business owners) outsource to their virtual assistants. 

  1. Social media management has quickly made it to the top list of virtual assistant tasks. Most businesses now take advantage of the influence of social media to promote their brands and strengthen their digital presence. One of the strengths of virtual assistants is to be able to know how to use social media platforms effectively and maintain them. Having a VA means you wouldn't worry about scheduling posts for your social media, creating captions, boosting posts and making sure they get a wide reach. Interesting as it may initially be, answering online enquiries may be daunting and sometimes time-consuming. Go for hiring a virtual assistant!
  2. Marketing and business trends often change. You need to study and learn more to keep up with the pace. That's a great technique; however, you don't need to spend your time in front of the computer just doing research. Research can be extremely time-consuming. This is one of the virtual assistant tasks that you could also invest in. Once your virtual assistant has done the research, all you have to do is read and study it.
  3. Most successful people don't work alone. They build a company with teams whom they trust and rely on. This method shows how leaders value delegation. Every task should be done by real experts and should not be stuffed into only one person. This way, everyone doesn't feel too overwhelmed or overworked. So, if you're the company's image, your role is more on external affairs. Consider hiring a virtual assistant to take care of maintaining your database and company records.
  4. Administrative tasks include calendar management, appointment setting, answering tickets or queries, and sending client invoices above all. You can let go of these tiny but important and assign them to someone who has a strong set of administrative skills. Entrusting these virtual assistant tasks will make your life easier and lighter.
  5. Email and chat are now considered as one of the fastest ways to contact someone and get quick responses. Although client concerns need your direct participation, you don't need to be on your email all the time to cater to their needs. Your virtual assistant will be able to answer client inquiries anytime since you can also hire someone from a different time zone. 

It's easy to hire a VA from any part of the world where different time zones exist. The Philippines have built a solid reputation for providing reliable virtual assistants. They are highly skilled, adaptable, well-mannered, and have a solid grasp of the English language.

If you're making a living online, your Filipino Virtual Assistant can attend to any task you've assigned to them.

Kaya Services offers these and much more to help you increase your productivity and hit your goals sooner and successfully. Schedule a call with Kaya Services now and experience a revolutionary change in your game plan.