Why A VA Is Crucial for Crisis Management and More

Why A VA Is Crucial for Crisis Management and More

With most businesses closed, people are having a "quiet" time with their families at home. But, remember, your businesses could still operate even without a tangible store. How? You can use a virtual office where you can manage and run your business online. This would be a perfect time to help your customers bounce back to your business after the pandemic. You can hire a team of virtual assistants who can help manage and boost your business online. 

These unprecedented moments are precisely the times your virtual assistant can step in to help put out the flames!

What is Crisis Management in a Business?

Crisis management is a process where your business deals with sudden emergency scenarios. For instance, what do you do when your business needs to close down due to the pandemic? Do you wait it out, or do you do something productive to make your business better? How you deal with emergencies would help you get your business back on its feet.

This is important, especially for small businesses with limited resources allotted for crises. It can decrease the risks that disasters and crises bring. It can also help your customers and investors know that your business is resilient. 

Why does it matter?

For different reasons, some organisations still adhere to the old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". However, the best time to create plans into reality isn't today but yesterday. Certainly, you don't have to wait before something just "broke" before you act upon it. 

"Crisis management is absolutely essential in order for a company or organisation to properly, effectively, and strategically address and put a crisis behind them and return to normal as quickly as possible."–Edward Segal

Planning for the future may save your company from burning if a crisis suddenly happens. In a crisis, stakes are high, and if not properly managed, it can harm a company's image, reputation, stability, and future. 

How Can A Virtual Assistant Help You in Times of Crisis?

Many businesses can't run from the economic pressure the Coronavirus outbreak inflicts on us. Offices and shops that can't adapt to the virtual world are on the brink of shutting down. Many entrepreneurs have turned to virtual assistants to assist them in getting back on their feet in response to this. Fortunately, the virtual assistant industry has always been fully remote and incredibly versatile. Business owners can employ highly skilled professionals in any time zones to help them in these days of uncertainties, one email or call away. This brings us to the question, how can a VA help you survive a time of crisis, especially in the health crisis we're experiencing right now. 

Virtual Assistants save you on workforce costs.

Unfortunately, keeping a local staff at this time is costly compared to hiring a Virtual Assistant to support you. At kaya.services, most of our Virtual Assistants are from the Philippines, so the cost of living and the average salary is way lower compared to western countries. Outsourcing your work today is a win-win situation for any companies turning their workforce remotely. 

Virtual Assistants can help you make the shift towards a remote workforce.

If there's a slight chance that you still can provide your product or service digitally, hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines will help you set up your online business. A virtual assistant can help you set up your eCommerce store, assist you in online project management, and build your customer relationship management. In fact, they have the skills to create quality content for your online presence and even handle all your social media accounts. If you have anything in mind, kaya.services are readily available to assist you. We conduct one on one call with persons like you, tell us what you need, and we may have tailored advice on how you can continue working effectively online. 

Virtual Assistants can help you with personal tasks.

A crisis in work may come in different shape and times. We're here to remind you that life is so much more than work. Personal tasks are just as daunting as professional work. As the high season for all things virtual starts to envelop, you've probably been behind your personal life. As an entrepreneur, you've probably struggled to keep it up for your son's upcoming parties or booking different appointments. Virtual assistants are no stranger to personal tasks. They can help you with everything to lessen up the work on your plate. They can help get your rugs delivered, payout bills the day they were due, and even stay on hold, making sure your bookings are set up. These personal tasks need to be done, but sometimes they lose their priority position. So while you're busy adapting to the new norm for business, why not hire a virtual assistant to help you find the right jacket to gift grandpa?  

Virtual Assistants Have a Specialized Skill Sets

No business owners can do it all, not even if you're superman. No entrepreneur can do everything in the business to make it grow. It would be great if you had individuals with specialised skill sets that will handle tasks better than the way you would. What you need is someone that has the skills to contribute to your growing business.

Virtual assistants are a great addition to your workforce. You can easily hire one at kaya.services. We have virtual assistants who specialise in a different set of skills, while some specialise in specific skills that they gain mastery over.

Depending on what tasks you need help with, you can hire a VA from the Philippines you can rely on to do some of these specific tasks for you:

  1. Social Media Management
  2. Web Development
  3. Calendar Management
  4. Content Creation
  5. Graphic Design
  6. Proofreading and writing work
  7. Transcription and Translation
  8. General Administrative Tasks
  9. Data Entry
  10. Office Administration
  11. Blogging

These are just some of the few tasks a VA in kaya.services do. Most of our Virtual Assistants in the Philippines can cover multiple tasks. 

Virtual Assistants Other Perks and Benefits

Many virtual Assistants are professionals that are highly skilled in corporate processes. They can help you cut costs in operating your business. One of the many things they are good at includes market analysis, scheduling appointments, content creation, data entry, replying to emails, lead generation, transcription, web development, and a lot more. They are typically your guy who can ease some of your work pressure. In short, virtual assistant in the Philippines work is done in less span, and they maximise efficiency with their 24/7 flexibility.  

13 Reasons Why a VA is Important for Crisis Management

So, what can VAs do for you to make your business productive during the COVID-19 pandemic? Here is the list of what you can do to make your business productive with the help of your virtual assistants.

  1. Back-up your system. Time to back up everything: from your system, data, and important files. In case of system failure, you already have the key copy of your system. You can assign your virtual assistant to back up your system.
  2. Create or update your process documentation. If you don't have any process documentation or if you have, then now is the perfect time to create or update it. Process documentation helps identify the steps in order for a task or a process to do. This highlights the different factors on how to implement a process or task. It can make your staff more efficient in finishing one task to another.
  3. Plan on how you can help your customers. Customers should be your business' priority. Everyone needs each other's help, including your clients and investors. You should make them feel that they are not alone during this time. 
  4. Create content and email sequence. This is the time for your website, channels, and social media platforms to have new content. Your content creator should create fresh and engaging content for your target audience. 
  5. Change Strategy From Sales to Development. Businesses should also be mindful of people's health, well-being, and priorities. Instead of pitching on sales, why not focus on developing your own business. You can focus on what your company needs to make it better, so when all this is over, your business is anew.
  6. Refresh your company logo. Time to get creative! Now is the time to get all your creative juices flowing. Your creative virtual assistant can revamp your logo to create a new face for your business. 
  7. Update your website. Extend your creativity by updating your website. You can help your creative virtual assistants to spice up your website. You can brainstorm on the content that would be relevant to attract your target market.
  8. Research for extra tools for your business. Extra tools for your business include tools to help in SEO and email management. Your research virtual assistant can research alternative tools for your company. So when the quarantine ends, your business has new alternative tools.  
  9. Stay Connected with your Customers. One of the most important things that you have to do when your business is quiet is to connect with your customers. This is important so they would know that you are still operational even in quarantine. Hiring virtual assistants in the Philippines will help you connect with your previous and potential clients.
  10. Update your CRM. Your data entry virtual assistant can update your CRM system. This includes encoding customers' data and previous sales. Your VA can also integrate the system with social media platforms. This will improve profitability, and streamline customer-relevant processes such as lead generation.
  11. Update your email marketing tools. During this time, businesses should make more use of their virtual workplace. Your email marketing VA can manage your email marketing tools such as Mailchimp. This is a platform where you can manage and talk to your customers, clients, or investors. It empowers your email campaigns, brands, and relationships with your clients.
  12. Respond to customer emails and chats. If you have been too busy, now is the time to respond to your customer's emails and inquiries. Your general admin virtual assistant can manage your emails and answers customers' queries.  
  13. Manage social media platforms and look for potential accounts. More and more organisations make use of social media in strengthening business. Hiring a digital marketing VA can turn a sour business into a more productive one. Your VA would create content that is right for your target audience.

During this time where the world seems closed and quiet, what we can do is to have a positive mindset and attitude. Making yourself and your company productive will make better versions of yourself and your business. Open yourself to new possibilities and opportunities. With all these in mind, we can get through this pandemic better and stronger together.

Keeping a business afloat in a crisis can be challenging and overwhelming now and then. If employing a virtual assistant will save you from your weaknesses and improve productivity in your business, why wait a second? Besides, the health outbreak is here to stay. And nobody is certain for how long will it change the workplace scenario, so maybe now is the perfect time to search for a virtual assistant for hire. At kaya.services we can help accelerate the growth of your business during these times of uncertainties. Call us today and start your 30-day trial.