What Can A Social Media Virtual Assistant Do for Your Business

What Can A Social Media Virtual Assistant Do for Your Business

Do your 2021 goals include expanding your digital presence? Do you wish to get more digitally competitive but want to focus on higher business goals first? Those might seem like impossible tasks, but they are completely doable with a social media virtual assistant's help.

Gone are the days of hotlines, call centres, and business hours. In today's modern world, almost all people have access to social media. Any customers often need a direct connection in social media for them to avail themselves of your services. Good thing because with a highly utilised social media platform, you can promote your business and service, and more than that, offer customer service in a professional and timely manner. 

Social media's potential for any business growth is massive, but it can bog down a lot of your work time. To help you with content creation and social media management, consider hiring a social media virtual assistant. They can take several hats and multiple tasks to free you up some time to do what matters the most for your business.

What You Need to Know About A Social Media Virtual Assistant

A social media virtual assistant from the Philippines is trained personnel who have the skills and necessary experiences to deal with different digital channels. Unlike an in-house employee that works beside you, a social media VA works completely remote. This means you'll save tons from office space while they still bring more value compared to in-house personnel. Neither you don't have to pay for a monthly salary and incentives; you also don't have an obligation to pay for vacation days, sick leaves, and taxes. You simply have to pay an hourly amount multiplied by the number of hours your VA works for you. In fact, there're many entrepreneurs out there building their elite team with only virtual assistants!

Does hiring social media VA cost you a lot? 

Actually, not at all. Let's say you have to hire a full time in-house social media manager at your business. You're obligated to pay for the salary, benefits, transportation costs, uniform expenses, and many more of the individual. Whilst a social media virtual assistant from the Philippines has the advantage of being more flexible, often working as a freelancer on an hourly basis, this means that your businesses are free to set their own budget.

How good can a VA handle your Social Media?

It depends on whom you are hiring. If you're hiring a general virtual assistant, you may still have to train them. But if you hire someone with a portfolio, testimonials, and proven skill in managing various social media accounts, you're going to see that it's relatively cheaper and different. 

Many high-quality VAs come from the continuous learning of the ins and outs of social media. They may have a strong social media presence themselves. Often, your social media VA from the Philippines will be able to improve your content and consult you with the right strategy. You clearly don't have to limit yourself running the back-ends of your business. You can trust your VA to do the simplest tasks such as scheduling posts, researching keywords, and responding to commenters. 

Here Are Things You Should Expect from A Social Media Virtual Assistant.

As well as the extensive services of creating content and running ads on different SocMed platforms, here are examples of the help you can expect from a Social Media Virtual Assistant. 

  • Increase your business' social media presence and engagements 

Producing quality posts is a key part of the Social Media Virtual Assistant package, a bonus if they can engage with your customers. Answering questions, liking and sharing posts, replying to comments, and even sharing jokes shows allows you to get in touch with your customers. As a business owner, these minor tasks seem easy to do, but it takes a lot of time. It's totally worth it to outsource this to a professional who knows how to get your brand's tone.

  • Ensure your business has a consistent stream of social media content.

Part of a Social Media virtual assistant's responsibility is to ensure that you have a steady stream of content. Consistently and frequently posting high-quality content to your social media strengthens your brand. By being consistent with those who follow you, you'll build loyal followers in no time. These are the people you need, as they will likely share and talk about your brand. Up to this date, word of mouth is still a powerful marketing tool. 

  • Manage multiple social media accounts of your business.

While many brands have a social media marketing strategy in action, expect your social media VA to pitch more ideas on strengthening your strategy.

Social Media VA will manage all your social media channels, giving them better insights into your brand needs and how else you can generate more reach and engagements. 

A Social Media Virtual assistant in the Philippines questions always boil down to, are you taking action to the right objectives? What's your priority, followers over engagements? What are your competitors doing that you haven't implemented in your business?

Having a clear goal regarding where you want to go with your Social Media will give the Virtual Assistant from the Philippines a better position to provide meaningful insights. 

  • Look and edit images for social media posts.

Images are significant, especially to Instagram, because the majority of the audience there are highly visual. It takes an attractive and high-quality image for your followers to click the link to your latest blog posts, podcast, or YouTube video.

An experienced Social Media VA has a trained eye for quality pictures. They can quickly identify which images best suit your content and know where to get free and high-quality pictures.

They also understand image-editing, which is a huge plus, especially if your brand consistently shares content with image quotes and infographics. 

  • Conduct some follows up and push marketing forward

Many companies do extensive lead generation via social media. It's important to have someone handle your social media accounts to handle follow-ups. Follow-ups are effective in email marketing. It takes a lot of time to handle this workload, so it's a great idea to hire a virtual assistant from the Philippines with this specific experience. 

Hiring a Social Media Virtual Assistant

There are two ways on how you can employ a Social Media VA. 

  1. Hire a Social Media VA through a reliable agency (check our services)
  2. Hire a freelance Social Media VA 

Let's take a deeper look at each way.

  • Employing at a Virtual Assistant Services

If you're an entrepreneur and it's your first time to employ a Social Media VA, kaya.services is your place to go. Why?

If in case you have problems, you can contact our staff and expect a timely solution.

Virtual Assistant Services perform quality checks before hiring their virtual assistants.

Expect a quality VA because of high standards hiring procedures.

Virtual Assistant Services also offers a replacement guarantee in case you don't work well with the VA.

  • Employing a freelance Social Media VA

This option is good if you have prior experience with hiring a virtual assistant. For business owners who already have a system or workflow in place, this option suits them. Why?

Because of the nature of the VAs work, there're tons of possible candidates. You must have some knowledge to pick the suitable Social Media VA from the plethora of options. There're tons of individual VAs on Upwork and Fiverr.

A freelancer won't guarantee support in case there are mishaps along the process. 

Onboarding your new Social Media VA.

Your new VA may have experience and skills, but introducing them to the company will help them know what they'll be expected to take on.

Do you have specific tasks or rules you want them to know about?

This is the time for you to introduce your personal style, such as how you work, your means of communication, and anything else to help them get started.

It's also for the best to push them to ask questions. Sometimes, your VA is shy or still doesn't know what questions to ask. So, better yet, be proactive and continually ask your VA if they have any questions in mind.

Tips on Keeping Track of Your Social Media VA

The only problem you will have when hiring a VA is they work remotely. But with systematic instruction, this won't pose an issue at all.

And because they are not in the same office or at the same time as you are, you might find yourself struggling to:

  1. Communicate with them timely
  2. Monitor their day-to-day productivity during work hours
  3. Or ensure that they are focused on your assigned task to them

Fortunately, there are remote tools you can use to keep track of your Social Media VA's productivity effectively.

Here's a quick look at the remote tools you must have to overcome these minor challenges.

Communication Tools

As a person with the capacity to remotely work, your VA is probably on the other side of the world. 

So, what's the best way to reach out?

By using communication tools!

Tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, and many more will help you deliver project requirements. You can quickly pass on information by sharing pre-made videos or conducting a regular meeting with your virtual assistants.

  • Instant Messaging Tools

To prevent your virtual team from missing out on important updates, you must use business communication tools like WhatsApp, Asana, or Slack. You can use these tools for private message or centralised groups for announcements and changes.

Instant messaging tools offer:

  1. Specific channels for different projects
  2. File sharing features
  3. Delegating and organising tasks
  4. One-on-one audio or video calls
  • Video meeting/conference/calling tools

A live or real-time video is an effective way of explaining plans and projects in detail.

As mentioned above, Zoom and Skype are great tools to:

  1. Share your screen to better explain what you are discussing.
  2. Host events, creative time, meetings, and conduct training.
  3. And record video sessions for future or wide use.

VA Monitoring Tools

So, how can you make sure that your Social Media VA is working on your tasks assigned to them and not spending time watching Netflix or doing their errands? 

The tricky part when dealing with your remote employees is making sure they remain effective and productive.

Luckily, you can use tools such as these.

  1. Clockify—this tool is an efficient time tracker and timesheet app where you can easily get detailed, weekly, and monthly reports. It allows you to track an unlimited number of projects for free.
  2. Time Doctor—This tool is a top choice for payroll and time tracking. It enables clients to see how long they've been working with specific tasks, including the software and websites they've opened. Best of all, Time Doctor is integrated on tools such as Trello, Asana, and Salesforce. 
  3. Hubstaff—Hubstaff has helped a lot of virtual teams. It is used as time tracking, payment management, and employee monitoring software. The tools are easy and fun to use.

Social Media VAs are experts in one thing. It's growing your digital presence while you do other stuff that's more meaningful for your business.

We hope you find a thing or two that you can use to start hiring a good social media VA in this article. Once you find the perfect VA, be prepared because your social stats will rocket in no time!

So, are you ready to take a higher step for your business? If the answer is yes, we'd like you to write and take note of your social media needs. 

Visit us at kaya. services, and show your notes to us so we can help you hire a social media virtual assistant that can fulfil your needs. We're here to grow your business while you reduce overhead expenses. Schedule a call and start your free trial.