Virtual Assistant Save You Time and Simplify Your Life

Virtual Assistant Save You Time and Simplify Your Life

Today, the business world operates at a breakneck pace. And if you don’t have a virtual staff, a load of unanswered calls and emails from your clients will begin to pile up. One day, you will no longer be able to keep up with your schedule and client meetings. Being an entrepreneur, you have bigger fish to catch and greater responsibilities to attend to daily. Don’t you think it’s time to hire a Filipino remote assistant?

When you hire a virtual assistant from the Philippines, you get an all-in-one staff. He or she is not just an assistant who takes care of your emails, calls and set up your schedule. A Filipino virtual staff helps you run your daily operations smoothly. Most of all, he or she can help you find the right talent for your business to scale-up. 

5 Reasons Why Hiring Virtual Staff in The Ph is Worth it

Bet you’re ready to contact a virtual assistant services company to help you find one. To understand more, here are five reasons why hiring a remote assistant from the Philippines is crucial to your business’ success. 

  1. The educational system in the Philippines uses English as the primary language of instruction. With a high English literacy rate, many Filipinos are successful in landing English-speaking clients. They help their clients outsource talent, design and develop a website, write content, and manage different social media platforms. 
  2. Filipino remote assistants exemplify an excellent attitude towards work. They value hard work, and they wear several hats to ensure your business succeeds. Once you have a Filipino virtual team, you don’t have to worry about streamlining your business processes. They will initiate and handle that for you. They are quick to learn new techniques to get the job done.  
  3. As part of their mixed culture, Filipinos are quick to adapt to employers overseas. They show great respect and loyalty to their employers who took a chance in hiring them. More importantly, they are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get the support you need. In every successful entrepreneur, there’s always a Filipino virtual assistant in the Philippines helping out. Your remote assistant from the Philippines is just a click away when you visit You need a virtual assistant company to help you find a valuable partner and consultant from the Philippines.
  4. As you may now know, labours in the Philippines is cheap, but Filipinos never compromise their quality for money. This is one of the reasons why it is highly ranked as the best outsourcing country in Asia. But seriously, you have to try outsourcing from the Philippines actually to realize how cheap it is. Moreover, you should try and come over because a dollar can get you a decent lunch meal. Business-wise, the cost-competitive advantage of hiring a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines puts you in a position of leverage over your competitors. This is beneficial primarily for starting business owners and entrepreneur. The same also works for large companies wherein they hire a bulk load of people and still allow more funds to continue business operations.
  5. Hardworking is the common trait for all Filipinos, no matter what industry they are in. Hiring a Virtual Filipino Staff would only do you good things. They work hard to deliver what your company needs. Filipinos are tech-savvy and fast learners, so expect they will understand instructions and the tasks assigned to them. In a virtual workplace, they are team player and, most importantly, can work independently.

Time Saving Task Your VA in The PH Can Do for You

Now, think about those repetitive activities you're taking care of… Are you really the person who is supposed to do them all?

Time is the greatest asset of every entrepreneur and business management. Time is money, and growing companies will do anything to save time. After all, you look for ways to save time so you can make more money. This is one of the principal reason outsourcing work to PH is becoming popular in U.S, U.K, and Australia.

A virtual assistant in the Philippines takes many digital roles. They can organise your calendar, respond to your queries, create blog articles, and keep your social media updated. You can hire a VA with a specialised skill set or hire for a jack/jane of all trades. Meaning they can help you with anything virtually as long as you train them. Delegating work to neither of the two will save time and generate more revenue in tons of ways. All you have to do is to delegate tasks wisely to reap the benefits. Each virtual assistant has a different function and role to perform.

Here are the primary functions of a VA.

Social Media Task

To advance in a fast-paced business world, you need the digital prowess of Social Media. Social media management can either make or break your business. Your social media network is a crucial piece for the growth of your business. For instance, your social media is critical for:

  • Boost leads and conversions
  • Increases awareness of your brand profile
  • Increases your brand's authority 
  • Boost the credibility of your brand by showing your business is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and approachable.
  • Building your business authority
  • Growing affordable and encouraging more engagement

We found the latest statistics that show social media influences 93% of buyers' purchasing decision. However, you need to invest a lot of hard work, time, and money to achieve such results. Good news, you can hire a specialised Virtual Assistant to do the following hard part of the job.

  • Branch out to different social media platform
  • Establish a social media strategy in line with the company's goals
  • Think, develop, publish your contents
  • Engage, answer, and comment back to followers'
  • Build social media visibility
  • Assess social media metrics and look for improvement areas.

 General Administrative Tasks

A general virtual assistant wears multiple hats when helping within your business. They are valuable for their flexibility and adaptability. Perhaps if you need help with a handful of tasks, there are general virtual assistants for hire. Here are some general jobs they do well. 

  • Data Entry and Research–Accurate entry of data is a definite skill. Data entry is copy-paste and encoding work, but it's crucial to keep your company's data updated in the system database or CRM. Unlike a regular employee, you don't need to pay a monthly salary. Instead, you pay your general VA hourly. What's more, is they don't have any incentives on leaves. You wouldn't pay them if they didn't work. 
  • Scheduling and Reminders –You can trust your VA with your calendar. After all, your VA understands the value of time management in a business. There are several ways a VA can help you stay updated on your calendar. You can hire part-time or full-on PA to set appointments, schedule reminders, and render occasional support. 
  • Note-taking–If you can't possibly remember what you had for dinner one week ago, do you think you can remember the most vital key points from your staff meeting, conference, or seminar? Note-taking in meetings is not something you can ignore because it keeps your team on the same page. It provides you with the opportunity to highlight the meeting's details that might otherwise slip your mind. Luckily, a virtual assistant can be in your sessions and use recordings of your meetings, so you have your discussions and responses nicely encoded or written for your future reference. This can remind you to bring accountability to the things your team discussed at the meeting. 
  • Personal Assistance – Like any other entrepreneur or business owner, you have personal errands you need to take care of. Because of your importance in leading a business, you don't have time to spend on such things. Instead, hire a virtual assistant who can help you crossed off your list. Personal errands include online shopping, food ordering, purchasing gifts for loved ones/family members, calling a baby sitter/cat sitter, dinner reservations, checking and answering calls on your behalf, and a lot more!

Content Writing Task

Many businesses know that producing quality website content regularly is greatly needed to build brand authority, generate leads, and increase website traffic. However, the challenge is the actual content writing. Producing and distributing optimise content takes a lot of time to do! The ins and outs of a dynamic content writing strategy are exhausting. The problem is the key here is consistency. It's no wonder why many business owners struggle to keep up. If you're not regularly producing optimised content on a day-to-day schedule, you're less likely to have the best results.

This is where a specialised virtual assistant comes in. Most virtual assistants specialised in content writing. You can also rely on them with tasks that add up to build an effective content strategy. Here's how a VA can amplify your content writing efforts:

  • Clearly understand the right audience. Your virtual assistant can ensure you're speaking with the right audience. Once you're aware of who your target audience, this makes it a lot easier to create content to be shared. VA doubles up your efficiency. 
  • Maintain quality for your audience taste. Content is never quantity focused because it's quality-focused. Some prospects want a good read, some likes to listen to a podcast or watch videos, but nobody appreciates poor content.
  • Content research. Good research is vital to content marketing strategy. Research is no quick task along with different content creation aspects, not if you want to enhance the content. Unless you're doing personal blogs, any written content is developed through research. As long as you provide the strategy and guide in the process, your virtual assistant from the Philippines can take many content creation pieces for you.  
  • Keep consistency and track progress. Your VA can regularly update your content and have a plan to market your content successfully. They can create your content calendar and commit up to it. Once you put good content out, your audience will look forward to it, so it's essential to engage consistently. 

Audio/Video Editing

Video engagements have increased by 430% in the past years, and if you don't wield the power of video in the present moment, you're losing an ample opportunity for your business to grow. Many business owners always have recurring presentations either on the website or on social media. If you need help with video presentations, all you have to do is give precise instructions to a VA. And if it needs some tweaking, it's easy to contact them because they are usually very responsive.

Now that you know how a Virtual Assistant helps you save time, it will be a wise move to try our services right now.

At Kaya Services, we have a handful of skilful VAs ready to help you perform a task on your behalf with utmost transparency and efficiency. They are more than willing to assist in your organisation. Schedule a call, and we will willingly provide your needed assistance to grow your business to another level!