Increase Your Business Productivity This 2019 With A Virtual Assistant​

Increase Your Business Productivity This 2019 With A Virtual Assistant​

The new year is the perfect time for people to sit down and create a list of resolutions they want to achieve throughout the year. It could be to start a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym and eating right. It could be focusing on your mental and emotional health. It could also be about focusing on your passion or reinventing yourself to reach personal goals. The list is endless.

This is the same for small business owners and entrepreneurs. They also have a list of new year’s resolutions for their business. To increase their sales, to improve growth, to gain new clients, to boost efficiency, and get organised. However, in order for these goals to be achieved this 2019, you will need an extra helping hand. You need to hire a virtual assistant that can help you truly possesses the skills that you need to help you get the job done.

Imagine what it would be like to have your own virtual assistant? Your business will run smoother, and your life will be easier! Plus, you have more time to focus on what’s at hand. Here are some ways to scale your business with a virtual assistant this new year:


Being a business owner or an entrepreneur requires you to be always on the go that you tend to forget your other meetings and schedule for the day. Or sometimes you have a lot of stuff going on that you need to cancel your other appointments.

One of the easier and more important tasks you can have your VA help you with is scheduling. Simply share access to your calendar and allow them to organise everything so you that don’t miss another meeting again or it won’t overlap with your personal errands.

Brief your VA on which meetings tend to take priority so they can work more autonomously. You can also ask them to organise team meetings, the best time to reschedule your canceled appointments or organise your schedule for a business trip.


Having an online presence is critical to your overall marketing plans and business growth. As a business owner or an entrepreneur, planning, creating and scheduling your social media posts can take up a lot of your time. Hire a VA who can create content for you, interact with your social media followers, or add more contacts to your social networks. In addition, your VA can also write blogs for your website or create infographics.


 Since it’s the new year, you’ll need to have fresh content to send to your subscribers. Hire a virtual assistant to create engaging emails and schedule these emails for your business. Your VA can also create follow-up emails to unresponsive subscribers or answer email inquiries.


The SEO (Search Engine OptimiSation) world has changed a lot over the last couple of years. Creating a solid content will create a great advantage for your business. Hiring a VA skilled in SEO will help your content to be positioned and marketed in a way that will bring in consistent, long-term traffic this new year.


 Thinking of redesigning your business website this new year but don’t know how? Leave it to the experts! Hire a VA who knows what to do and how to make your website look better so you can focus your time on creating your marketing plan, or putting together your next business promotion.