5 Great Reasons To Hire A Virtual Assistant For Christmas

5 Great Reasons To Hire A Virtual Assistant For Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… but wait, is it? With the growing pile of work you have to do before Christmas Eve comes, will you ever be able to finish everything on your list?

Just like Santa Claus and his team of helpful elves, you need a reliable team of virtual assistants to help you cross off everything on your to-do list. From sending eCards to your clients, to preparing for 2019, there are a lot of things a virtual assistant can do to help you lessen the stress this holiday season.


 Before Christmas arrives, send your clients a thank you email orsend them a sincere eCard. Wouldn’t you feel happy and special when your company remembers to greet you? Bet your clients would, too. 

However, creating and sending greetings can be time-consuming. A virtual assistant skilled in email marketing can be of big help in this task. Your VA can manage the whole process for you. From writing the message, choosing the card design to be used, sending the emails, and replying to their messages.

Also, they can go the extra mile and purchase a gift for your clients. Simply explain to your VA the budget and type of gift you would like him/her to buy.


Increase your sales this holiday season by running a promotion. A virtual assistant skilled in digital marketing can help you create a promotion plan. Your VA can help setup email marketing and social media campaigns. In addition, they can send out newsletters to your clients to help push last-minute sales or let them know about upcoming deals in the new year. 3. STAY ON TOP OF EMAILS AND CORRESPONDENCE

One of the most time-consuming tasks of every business owner is keeping your inbox organised. The last thing you want to do on your holiday break is replying to your client’s emails, but you can’t also leave all those emails waiting or won’t look good if you simply ‘go offline’.

Hire a VA to manage your emails during the holidays. This will keep your clients happy, and you get to enjoy your holiday break.


Show your employees that you appreciate all their hard work in your company and you’re grateful to have their support by throwing them a party.

With you VA, talk about your budget, numbers of attendees, requirements with the location and your VA will book a venue, send out invitations, and take the pressure off with the party planning.


As a business owner, your focus is allotted to growing your business and creating marketing plans. This means you’re also focused on planning for the new year ahead. What new year plans should you launch, new ideas to increase your clients and how to improve your services.