5 Important Qualities To Look For In A Virtual Assistant

5 Important Qualities To Look For In A Virtual Assistant

So, you’ve decided to hire a virtual assistant (VA) to help grow your business. But what exact qualities does your VA need to have, to get the work done?


In order for your business to grow, you need to be able rely on your VA to get the job done. Remaining professional in this kind of role requires the VA to be skilled in areas of business communications and organisational awareness. Essentially acting as an extension of your team, the goal here is to help you grow whilst comfortable with the idea of relying on a team that represents you in the best positive light.


One of the fears of hiring a VA is working with a dishonest individual, hence the need to to ensure that the VA maintains a high level of integrity. Honesty and keeping to commitments, whilst maintaining alignment to organisational values, are extremely important. As VA’s are located remotely, time management and reporting tools are critical in delivering accurate information on the activity and tasks worked on. You want individuals who are honest, and represent themselves with a high level of integrity.


You need to find a virtual assistant who you can depend on. Someone who can complete tasks whilst you focus on other areas of the business. Someone who can deliver high quality work under tight deadlines. Someone who can provide constructive input based on the project or work they are assigned. A reliable VA helps drive productivity improvements, and can be seen as strong member of the team to getting things done.


VA’s have the ability to create their own schedules and work in surroundings of their choice. Their ability to demonstrate how flexible they are in terms of hours, geographical location, and project based work, is an important consideration. Whilst this represents timing, consider also the workloads to be assigned, and whether or not they have the skillset to complete it, or deem it a learning opportunity to expand their horizon.


Hiring a VA is easy. At times however, they may have internet connectivity issues, software compatibility challenges, and scheduling problems (based on timezone) to cater to your needs. Such VA’s are able to get through the day by being resourceful where necessary in order to get the job done. They have full control of the output they deliver.

All business owner only wants one thing: for their business to be successful. But most of the time it’s impossible to grow your business and cross off everything on your to-do list. That’s why hiring a VA is a great solution to maximize your own efficiency while also giving your other business tasks the time and attention they deserve.

Hiring an experienced virtual assistant can minimize your expenses while benefiting from increased productivity. Altogether, hiring a virtual assistant is a wonderful solution to grow your business with less stress.