6 Reasons Why You Should Hire Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

In this time of global crisis, businesses are temporarily closed down due to lockdowns and quarantines. It’s not only Australia but almost all parts of the world have been struck down by the COVID-19 disease. Despite the efforts of entrepreneurs and business owners to keep their businesses from being frozen due to the pandemic, many have faced challenges managing everything, from personal safety to ensuring that their business continues to operate.

The good thing about entrepreneurs staying at home is that they can still work on their companies online, without a tangible store and market. But given this power comes a lot of responsibilities. Yes, it may seem that you are more than ready to take the Internet by storm. But the process of finding the right audience for your business and eventually running it would take most of your free time, lest would give you more than a headache. Thus, hiring a virtual assistant for business is the best choice you can make. 

It is easy to get virtual assistants for business online. You could easily find websites that offer virtual assistant jobs in Australia. But finding the best virtual assistants for business requires entrepreneurs to assess what virtual assistants can offer. 

The Philippines ranked 12th on 2019 Tholons Top 100 outsourcing destinations with three “Super Cities” including Manila, Cebu, and Davao. The Philippines also ranks fifth in the Top 50 Digital Nations, making it one of the best countries who have embraced digital technology and various platforms such as mobile technology and social media. And it keeps growing and strengthening other forms of outsourcing.

One of the reasons why you should hire virtual assistant ph is that the Philippines is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world. Filipinos pride themselves in English as their second language having a national English proficiency of 95.6% and a score of 60.4 out 100 in the 2019 iteration of the index.

Virtual assistants in the Philippines can work remotely or within a BPO industry. Ever since the first operation of BPO in 1992, the Philippines have opened its doors to 851 local BPO establishments, catering services such as telemarketing, healthcare, legal, and financial to offshore clients. In 2010, the Philippines was the BPO capital of the world. This industry alone provided approximately 1.2 million jobs and a revenue of about $22 billion in 2015. Virtual assistants ph continuously expands and has clients from different parts of the world, mostly in the US, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. 

Given that the Philippines is a developing country, the way of life of the Filipino people is less extravagant than those in the Western countries. Working hard for their families to provide their needs are Filipinos’ major priority.Therefore, Filipinos exert more in providing their clients quality work at a cost-efficient rate. Hiring a virtual assistant in the Philippines will lessen your cost but acquire better results. It will give you more time to do other important things while making sure that your business moves efficiently. 

If you are looking for a virtual assistant for business, you should hire virtual assistants in the Philippines. Filipinos are strong team players, able to perform well with a team. If given the best opportunities, they grow productively with the company and produce something that the company would be proud of. They are loyal collaborators and contributors, making Filipinos one of the most hired virtual assistants in the world. 

One of the best qualities of the Filipinos is that they exhibit a positive vibe. Amidst the current situation while battling against the pandemic disease, Filipinos still continue to look on the brighter side of things. With this positivity and happy disposition in life, they always bring out the sunshine to their works even in their virtual workplace. Say yes to virtual assistants in the Philippines and they will dedicate a big YES to your company!