7 Essential Tools For Your Virtual Team

7 Essential Tools For Your Virtual Team

A virtual team allows you to get more tasks done and frees up your time so you can focus on the core of your business. As your business grows, you need tools for your virtual team to collaborate and function efficiently. Once talent selection is underway, your next focus is choosing task management tools and collaboration platforms. This ensures that your virtual team delivers high-quality and consistent output. Tools are what you need to implement a better system that works for you and your remote team

With hundreds of virtual assistant tools, sites, and apps available online, here are five essentials you need. 

G Suite is the most basic software you will ever need for your team to get started. It allows you to exchange emails in a secured environment, store and share documents, manage appointments, create presentations and online surveys. You can also host conference calls through Google Hangouts.  There’s so much more you can do with this not so little helper.


HubSpot is your go to buddy to organize your customer information, sales leads, track your sales, and establish better relationships with your customer base. This platform offers a full stack of customer service, marketing, sales, and customer relationship management software. You can also track all the email responses that may have come through while you were away on vacation! 


Managing a virtual staff requires a powerful tool that allows you to monitor billed hours, send invoices, and payments. Hubstaff is an excellent software that not only tracks time, but also captures screenshots so you can check your team’s productivity while they’re working. Also, it allows you to generate reports so you can spot any productivity issues you may have with your team. Time tracking and invoicing are made easy with Hubstaff. 


Real time communication exchange is essential in every organization. Skype easily connects you  with your virtual assistants working in remote locations. Skype is an excellent tool for virtual group meetings and sharing of files within your organization. If you need to set up a conference call, all you need is to add members in one group chat, initiate the call, and you’re good to go. No need to book a physical conference room! Install Skype on your computer and mobile phone so you stay in touch with your team anywhere. 

Develop an organized system in delegating tasks to your remote team. This way, it’s easier for them to meet deadlines. Trello is a web-based application that allows you to collaborate, track different tasks, and monitor the progress of your team’s projects. This project management tool lets you take control and oversee the different operations in your company. 


Similar to Trello, Asana is also another project tracking software. It allows you to assign tasks with details such as deadlines whom you;re assigning it to, and other specific instructions needed. Once the tasks have been completed,your team can mark it as completed, or you can also leave it open while the task is still ongoing. It easy to use!


Just  like Hubstaff, you can use this to track your team’s time. This is especially helpful for payroll purposes. It generates a weekly report of the total number of hours your virtual staff has worked.It’s also available on mobile,which makes it easy to use, especially for on-the-go staff.

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