How to Effectively Delegate Tasks to Your Virtual Assistants

How to Effectively Delegate Tasks to Your Virtual Assistants

How you ever wondered how equestrians ride their horses during races? The rider cannot impose much and the horse cannot resist much as well, lest, they both stumble and fall to the ground. One author says, “The real expert riders in horses let the horse know immediately who is in control by guiding the horse with loose reins and seldom use the spurs.”

Just like in delegating tasks, one person cannot delegate all the tasks to others. The one who delegates should also work too. As a boss, your team members are rooting for you. They need to know that you are in control, not because they do all the work, but because you delegate the tasks that you think they need to do while you also become productive in doing the more important things that you love within your business.

The boss cannot do everything as well just to gain control over your business. You need to delegate the tasks that you hate, the tasks that others can do, and the tasks that others can do better. Having virtual assistants whom you can delegate your tasks will not only help you carry all the burdens but also will make you productive in doing what you love in your business.

So you may ask, “Why do I also need to delegate tasks to myself?”

“Why can’t I just give all the tasks to my team members while I enjoy all the credit?”

“Where do I start?” “How do I delegate the tasks?” “What tasks should I delegate?”

Now, breathe and sit tight. I’m going to share with you a powerful tool that you can use to delegate tasks to your virtual assistants.

The Delegation Matrix

The delegation matrix is a tool that helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and bosses in deciding which tasks to delegate and which to retain. It is a 4-quadrant table that measures the enjoyment of tasks on the y-axis and competence on the x-axis. To give you an overview, let me share with you what and how to do a delegation matrix.

Kaya Services created a template of a delegation matrix that you can use for your company to aid you in creating tasks to keep and tasks to delegate.

There are four categories you need to remember in creating tasks for delegation matrix.

  1. Keep. This contains the tasks that you love doing.
  2. Delegate. This contains the tasks that you like but can delegate to others.
  3. Delegate. This contains the tasks that you hate and procrastinate to do.
  4. Delegate. This contains the tasks that you hate and know others can do them.

After listing all the tasks to each category, you can now plot them in the 4-quadrant delegation matrix to have a better view of the tasks that you choose to keep and the tasks that you want to delegate to your team members.

To learn more about the Kaya Services template on the Delegation Matrix, download the FREE pdf file on our website to get the full article.