Outsource These Top 5 Virtual Assistant Tasks

Outsource These Top 5 Virtual Assistant Tasks

Hiring a virtual assistant is an investment for most business owners. Investing in a VA means that you are also willing to delegate and let go of some of the work you do yourself. When you delegate, you are able to focus your time and effort in fulfilling more important roles and tasks that matter. Although you may think that clerical or administrative tasks are easy peasy, by doing so, you may be missing great opportunities by being too busy typing or organizing files that date back to years ago. 

Now, you’re more convinced that assistants are an asset to a company. However, you’re still thinking about what they can actually offer you. Here are the top tasks that companies (and even small business owners) outsource to their virtual assistants. 

Social media management has quickly made to the top list of virtual assistant tasks. Most businesses now take advantage of the influence of social media to promote their brands and strengthen their digital presence. One of the strengths of virtual assistants is to be able to know how to use social media platforms effectively and maintain it. Having a VA means you wouldn’t worry about scheduling posts for your social media, creating captions, boosting posts and making sure they get a wide reach. Interesting as it may initially be, answering online enquiries may be daunting and sometimes time consuming. Go for hiring a virtual assistant! 

Marketing and business trends often change, you need to study and learn more to keep up with the pace. That’s a great technique, however, you don’t need to spend your time in front of the computer just doing research. Research can be extremely time consuming. This is one of the virtual assistant tasks that you could also invest in. Once your virtual assistant has made the research, all you have to do is read and study it. 

Most successful people don’t work alone. They build a company with teams whom they trust and rely on.  This method shows how leaders value delegation. Every task should be done by real experts and should not be stuffed to only one person. This way, everyone doesn’t feel too overwhelmed or overworked. So, if you’re the company’s image, your role is more on external affairs.  Consider hiring a virtual assistant to take care of maintaining your database and company records. 

Administrative tasks include calendar management, appointment setting, answering tickets or queries, and sending client invoices above all. You can let go of these tiny but important and assign them to someone who has a strong set of administrative skills. Entrusting these virtual assistant tasks will make your life easier and lighter. 

Email and chat are now considered as one of the fastest ways to contact someone and get quick responses. Although client concerns need your direct participation, you don’t need to be on your email all the time to cater to their needs. Your virtual assistant will be able to answer client inquiries anytime since you can also hire someone from a different time zone. 

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