Tips on Taking Care of Your Mental Health While Working From Home

Tips on Taking Care of Your Mental Health While Working From Home

Working from home has different advantages and disadvantages. Some of its perks include lots of time with your family. However, having to work from home entails many downsides.

While it may seem like a “dream job location”, working from home requires a lot of patience and focus as there are a lot of distractions that may cause you to be frustrated or strayed away from working and being productive for the rest of the day. On the other hand, some people take advantage of having a lot of time that they work more than the hours that they do back when they were in the office. They either eat while working, sit and slouch all day, 

These two scenarios may cause a lot, and I mean a lot of problems on the way if not checked. Not only problems when it comes to working in general but problems with health and well-being.

Here are 3 tips on how you should do to take care of your mental health while working at home.

 1.         Create a work-play routine. 

When you work from home, you need to create a routine not just for your work but also for your sleep and recreational activities. We don’t want to exhaust all our energy on working 24/7, thinking we would be “wasting” time for doing other fun things or wanting to take a nap even for just a few minutes. 

“Balance is not better time management, but better boundary management. Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices.” – Betsy Jacobson

If you’re someone who gets too focused on what you’re doing, you could make use of reminders every 30 or 45 minutes to stand up, move away from your computer, and stretch for a few minutes or even walk down the kitchen to get some water before going back to your work station. There are also a lot of mobile apps you could download to remind you that it’s time to take breaks in between whatever work you are doing.

2.         Invest in proper breathing and meditation exercises. 

This is one of the most important exercises that a lot of people ignore especially when they’re too busy to even stop and smell the flowers. 

A lot of people invest in exercises that would transform their physical appearance or exercises that would strengthen their muscles and lose their fats. While these exercises can benefit our bodies, we also have to do exercises that would benefit our minds. Especially now that we’re dealing with a lot of concerns and adjustments caused by the things that are happening around us that weigh us down, consume our minds, and degrade our mental health. Some even developed anxiety and depression that froze them from properly functioning with their daily lives.

You can always find and apply for meditation and breathing exercises online if there are if you are being cautious in interacting with a lot of people. There are a lot of courses and webinars you can join which offer a lot of types of breathing and meditation exercises. Some have been pre-recorded others are live sessions. Your options are endless.

“In the chaotic moment I close my eyes, slowly taking air in as far as my lungs will allow. Pausing at the bottom of my breath I mentally say, “I recalculate, reset and refresh” allowing my exhale to release the tension… Repeating if necessary.” -Jessica F., Surgical Tech

It’s not enough that we only invest on our physical health. We also need to take care of our mental well-being that can consume and drain our energies if left unchecked.

3.          Socialize with other people.

One of the most important aspect of our lives that have been hit by the pandemic is our limitation to socialize. If your living with your family, then you get to be with them during the quarantine period but if you are living away from your families and friends then the limitation of not being  able to physically interact with your loved ones may take a toll on you, make you feel homesick, and even cause you anxiety.

But what’s great about our digital world is that we can always see and talk with our loved ones using different digital apps. We are not only limited with talking with them but we could also do several things with them via video calls. That’s why, during this time where are actions of going outside are limited with certain circumstances, with the power of technology, we could always socialize with our colleagues, friends, and family anytime, anywhere. Instead of succumbing to the situation, we could still enjoy our time together.

“Sometimes, it’s just a great opportunity to socialize.” – Mark Foreman

You can create a balanced routine of work and play that would not only make your physical health strong but also your mental well-being checked as well. You can also exercise proper breathing and meditation which can help your mind unload so that your body can properly function day to day. And lastly, socializing with other people specially with your loved ones would not only boost your mental health and well-being but also would inspire you to continue working from home.