Why is Documentation Important in Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Why is Documentation Important in Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

One of the reasons why you are driving behind a competitor is because you probably need focus in leading the race. You may be too distracted with crying kids at the back seat, piling up missed calls on your mobile phone, and even trying to take a sip of your morning coffee. In this digital industry, you need to consider helping hands so you could put your attention to what’s more important — rolling to success! 

It’s time to let go of simple tasks or virtual assistant duties and let your inner control freak relax. Even if you can do anything, you can’t do everything in this fast-paced world. 

Despite the fact that a majority of your business operates virtually, it doesn’t mean that secretaries are no longer needed. If you, the business owner, have to keep track of all the nitty gritty information, attend meetings, call clients, and locate files, it’s possible to miss real opportunities. Considering to hire a virtual assistant is one of the investments you will truly feel glad about because of their flexibility and multiple skill sets. 

Businesses welcome lots of customers or clients and each of them has inquiries or concerns that need to be dealt with. Leading a company will always involve customer interaction, however, you only need to attend to the most important affairs. Your virtual assistant can easily take charge of simple customer queries or bookings for you. 

Every professional and personal event in your life is important. Missing them will lead to broken relationships. You will never have to miss meetings or even your kid’s recitals while you have someone setting up and sorting your appointments. Virtual assistants are experts with these tasks.

Lacking the creative side of your brain or simply don’t have time to make presentations? Virtual assistants are skilled in using digital applications to help you create engaging and presentable reports for your clients. 

Virtual assistants can book anything for you. If you need to get to another country in less than an hour or you suddenly need to stay in the next city, let your assistant do the work for you.

As a busy bee, it’s hard to track what’s on your plate and keep everything from being all mixed-up. Organizing and sorting is a virtual assistant’s most powerful asset. You could give them multiple tasks every day and they never lose track of what is what. 


Now that you’re all convinced that you definitely need a virtual assistant in your life, make sure that you have the following: 

-Documentation of the tasks you want to delegate

-A full proof list of your communication avenues

-A schedule for your virtual assistant

-An activated payment portal where you will transfer their wages from

Don’t have these onhand yet? Schedule a call with Kaya services now, and we will help you set up from A-Z!

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