Why You Should Hire Virtual Assistants in Sydney Australia to Help you

Why You Should Hire Virtual Assistants in Sydney Australia to Help you

According to the Australian Government, there are over 2 million small business owners in the whole of Australia as of 2018, and growing by the day. Small businesses, which employ less than 19 people are mostly run by families and solo entrepreneurs. Families, who despite having a business can still manage to accomplish their day to day mum and duties, whilst running their own businesses. One way that these small business owners can manage to pull through is that quite a number have decided to Hire A Virtual Assistant.

A huge number of these business owners have ventured into hiring Virtual Assistants in Sydney Australia. But, what exactly is a virtual assistant and how are they helpful to you and your business? A virtual assistant, from the word itself, gets you help with the things you need done through virtual and remote assistance. May it be through records keeping, writing content, keeping track of your daily meetings and errands. In today’s technology-driven world, working with a virtual assistant is by all means, possible. 

When you a Hire A Virtual Assistant, it not only is beneficial for you, but it also is beneficial for Australia, because you get to grow and expand your business, at a much lesser cost. Business owners who want to HIre A Virtual Assistant can find out more about this by visiting Kaya Services. Those business owners who have taken on hiring a VA, have become increasing in number. There are less costs, less paperwork, and little to no fuss at all. Virtual assistants are multi skilled and can also multi task. So, whether you’re a mono-tasker or a multi-tasker, virtual assistants can make your daily lives easier.

Kaya Services, situated in Western Sydney, has a pool of multi skilled and multi functional Virtual Assistants in Sydney, Australia and in Metro Manila, Philippines. These VAs can do executive assistant work, from responding to emails on your behalf, to answering your gazillion social media queries, to setting up your appointments for you. Undoubtedly, many small business owners, on the go mums, and sometimes, even start ups have decided to Hire A Virtual Assistant because of the many benefits. Here are some:

 No fuss, just get the work done: Employing a VA from Kaya Services means that the candidates have gone through a pre-screening skill test before they would have been pooled. This means that you need not worry about reading their CVs, finding out what their strengths are, etc. All you need to do is tell us what you precisely need and Kaya Services, with a pool of highly skilled Virtual Assistants will readily have a VA in place for you.

English Proficiency: Given that the Kaya Services Virtual Assistants are offshored in the Philippines, and with the Philippines high literacy rate, communicating with your Virtual  Assistant is not a problem. English is widely used in the Philippines as medium of instruction, so the majority of its population is fluent and close to native English Speakers.

Cost Efficient: Since all the work and communication is done remotely, there is no need for a physical office. There is also no need to pay for full-time wages, office space rent and all the costs that comes with it i.e. utilities, etc..

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s more to this and we’d be glad to have a chat with you. Give us a call and let’s get you on it!