Buried under an avalanche of responsibilities, a pile of laundry,and a long to-do list?

Juggling motherhood with a business is easier said than done. But worry no more, VAs are here to save the day! Stay on top of your mumpreneur duties with ease with the help of FREE PRODUCTIVITY BOOSTER GUIDE: 122 TASKS AUSMUMPRENEURS CAN OUTSOURCE TO VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS. Download now!


The secret weapon to getting more done in less time.

Unleash the superpower of delegation so you can complete more income-generating tasks while taking care of your kids ā€” Grab our 122 Tasks AusMumpreneurs Can Outsource to Virtual Assistants.

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Being a good mother and an effective business woman doesn't have to feel like a constant tug of war

Let go and let your VAs do the legwork. Delegation can free up more time for you to do the things that matter: family day and pamper day. Friendly Mumpreneur Tip #1: Give yourself time for a quick makeover/self-care!

Time is not the only kryptonite every supermumpreneur has.

Admit or not, no matter how strong you are, you have weaknesses. And just like how the greatest superheroes need their sidekick to complete their mission, your VAs are also there to help you with yours! 


The word "rest" is absent from your vocabulary, because you can't take time out on your busy schedule to recharge. You push yourself so hard that sleep becomes a luxury to you.


Mum Guilt

Juggling the mumpreneur role takes a toll on your relationship with your children ā€” you're working late at night and skipping holidays just to keep up with your business' demands.

Productivity Shame

Spending time attending to household chores before getting back to work makes you think that you're moving at a turtle pace because you didn't do anything productive.

Sure, delegating tasks is tough, but you can be tougher.

Not sure what tasks to delegate or which VA is right for you? The Power Delegation Guide is at your service! This handy guide offers a complete listing of the tasks that most virtual assistants handle.

    General/Administrative VA Tasks
    Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant Tasks
    Social Media Virtual Assistant Tasks
    E-commerce Virtual Assistant Tasks
    Customer Service Virtual Assistant Tasks
    Real Estate Virtual Assistant Tasks
    Blog Virtual Assistant Tasks
    Data Entry Virtual Assistant Tasks
    Graphic Design Virtual Assistant Tasks

Helping supermumpreneurs achieve harmony at home one task at a time

Take the first step to bigger possibilities ā€” start outsourcing. Kaya Services offers a full range of virtual assistance solutions that can help your business grow without giving up the quality time that your kids deserve.


From Kaya Services' AusMumpreneur to you.

Just like you, Yona is a mother and business owner with a mission to make a difference in this space and beyond. Her passion on helping you help others and ultimately, yourself, has lead her to start her outsourcing agency, Kaya Services.