5 Tips for Developing Your Brand Voice

5 Tips for Developing Your Brand Voice

Your brand name should speak about itself without further explanations needed. Nike never misses the “Just do it” tagline nor did Apple forget their minimalist and prestigious style. However, if they slip along this tone of voice, people might still get confused. If you have been inconsistent with your brand voice, you might not get the success Nike and Apple has been enjoying. 

That’s why brand voice is highly necessary to fulfil your whole connection and communication with your audience. How does it work? Find out here.

What is Brand Voice

Brand voice is a unique personality to show to your market. It makes you different from other brands, especially from your competitors. Your brand voice also allows your brand to shine in a specific quality, instantly thinking of you in a certain quality. 

Relating to a party with lots of guests, if a person knows how to blend himself to the crowd while showing a particular personality, he will be remarkable to the guests’ memories. Similar to the market, if your brand voice rises a distinct say or quality, you will even stand out more. 

But how can you ensure to have a strong brand voice? Follow the simple considerations below.

Tip in Developing Brand Voice

  • Compile your brand guide and be consistent 

Prepare your visual brand guide ranging from logo, colour palette, and style through your marketing platforms. You shall not forget your company’s mission statement to align with all your decisions and plans. Moreover, maintaining your brand voice also requires you to be loyal to your brand phases, common vocabularies, and personal traits.

  • Rescale your brand voice

After planning and executing your brand voice, it is now the time to see if it fits well with your whole brand. Get these samples and check if it brings a little too strong an impact on your people. Ask for others’ opinions and watch out how it blends well with your company. If not, make some adjustments.

  • Define your target audience 

Another vital step you should not miss is clearly identifying your client avatar. Finalise their demographic and socioeconomic status. For example, is your brand perfect for teenagers, young adults, or family individuals? As you fully picture your target persona, it would be easier for you to relate your plans with them.

  • Familiarise your tone

This part is where consistency begins. Begin using and showcasing your brand tone. Remember, never shift from other brand tones without any preparations. It is vital to use your brand tone across all your platforms. In this case, you are preserving your whole identity as a brand.

  • Review and adapt

After quite some time, it is important to review your brand tones as if they still align well with your marketing strategies. 

Some companies begin to shift their brand tones depending on both internal and external factors. For example, Dunkin’ Donut decided to drop the “Donut” and only stick with “Dunkin’.” With this major change in brand, they can now offer products aside from doughnuts, like beverages. Smart move, right? Like them, you could also see if your brand voice still works well or some tweaking is necessary.

How to Maintain Your Brand Voice  

Establishing a brand voice is a challenge. But the real deal-breaker here is how you maintain them along the years of advertising and marketing. With the help of digital marketing experts, Kaya Services can help you keep your brand voice strong and effective. See how our team of virtual assistants is willing to make your brand work in progress without missing your brand voice. Schedule a call for more details.