Communicate Better With Your Team of Virtual Assistants Using Whatsapp

Communicate Better With Your Team of Virtual Assistants Using Whatsapp

Entrepreneurs today choose to find assistants online where they can delegate tasks and jobs. It also allows them to finish various duties for marketing, financing, and overall business operations. However, one challenge with working virtual assistant is communication and one way to solve it is through the famous platform, WhatsApp.

Here are the reasons how WhatsApp platform you can do to keep good communication with your virtual assistant. But then, before we indulge in how WhatsApp can help you, let’s first identity the cases of working with virtual assistants. 

Benefits of hiring virtual assistants working for your businesses

When you’re running your business in a virtual workplace, it is essential to have a solid team of virtual assistants. They can help you with all your administrative tasks and specialised ones like SEO, web design, data entry, and transcription.

With a team of VAs all working remotely, you need to make sure that you get the right tools so that your workflow would be smooth sailing. Besides having your tasks organised, you need to have an immediate communication tool, not just in the form of an email.

So, how can you maintain excellent backs and forths of ideas with your virtual assistants? Maximise tools around you like WhatsApp. 

What is WhatsApp?

Whatsapp is a great software tool and a messenger app that lets you communicate through chats and calls. It is one of the best virtual assistant software tool that allows you and your members to express yourselves better through texts, GIFS, and emojis. You can also send attachments such as documents, images, locations, and contacts using your mobile devices. You can also sync all your data through your PC when you download Whatsapp in your browser.

Using your mobile number, you can set up your account. Just like the groups you created in tools like Asana and Trello, you can create groups and invite members in Whatsapp so that you communicate with specific VAs within that particular group or project.

Impressive, right? A powerful communication tool for you and your virtual assistants right in the palm of your hands!

Advantages of Using WhatsApp 

Enjoy free services.

You easily download WhatsApp on your App Store or Playstore. It is free, and no hidden charges are present. After downloading, you can simply connect your phone number and enjoy its overall free features. All activities you can do on WhatsApp has no costs, allowing you to communicate with family, friends, employees, or your virtual assistant abroad. It is accessible all the time as long as you have an internet connection. 

Experience instant communication.

WhatsApp is a messaging and calling service app that you can use instantly. In just a split second, you can send a text message or ring a call someone. It is also fast, reliable, and available to provide any communication services for you.

Use it easily.

The features present in WhatsApp are easy to handle. You can do anything without too much worrying. Besides that, even a novice mobile user can navigate WhatsApp. It is not as complicated as other apps. Moreover, anyone can learn how WhatsApp works, enabling you to enjoy your communication with your virtual assistant.

Send unlimited texts.

Unlike the usual telephone companies, they limit the usage of calls or texts. On the other hand, WhatsApp can provide all text messages and other free communication services all the time. So, you can send messages all day on different accounts while you can also receive any notifications from other people across the world.

In this case, if you have a virtual assistant from another country, you can still talk to them without any hassles.

Ring voice call.

Another excellent feature of WhatsApp is its free voice call feature. You can talk to anyone you want, especially for businesses purposes. If you need to ring your virtual assistant, you simply need to tap the phone icon. Other than that, you can also intentionally do miss calls to them to just reach out to them immediately. 

WhatsApp is also open to set your duration time in voice calling for unlimited time. So, you can still enjoy long calls with family, friends, or your employees to delegate tasks and activities.

Conduct a video Call.

Besides voice calls, WhatsApp also provides video calling features for you. In this case, you can have short video conference calls with any account you like. Like voice call, video call also includes mute and unmute features and other usual features for calling on a regular phone. 

Send documents.

WhatsApp is really for business purposes as it can handle file and images format. You can send any files (MB), images, video clips, and other forms to your account. It is like instant emailing files and documents. On the other end, you can also download these files if someone sent you. 

In this case, you can quickly transfer documents or essential files as fast as sending a text message! 

Build a group chat.

WhatsApp enables you to make group chats with 256 number of members! You can talk and send a message to them so that everyone can see it right away. Even your virtual assistant can see it, and you can communicate with them right away by group. 

Aside from that, your virtual assistant and employees can freely reach out to each other using WhatsApp.

Enjoy no advertisements.

Even though WhatsApp is free of any charges, it also prevents showcasing ads! Unlike other messaging apps, WhatsApp does not welcome any advertising to hinder its sleeking and excellent massage services. In this case, you will not get tired of re-watching ads and annoyance from ads blocking your screen. You can use this tool without any interruptions at all. 

Delete messages.

WhatsApp allows you to delete messages on the message thread. It is helpful, especially if you chat with a message to the wrong person. Besides that, you can also delete the chat within your messages or group messages. After you delete the message, the thing you sent would be removed, but it still states that you removed it. 

Delete features are perfect in communication for casual moments, most notably during a formal conversation with clients, employees, or virtual assistants. Anyone could make a messaging mistake, so it's a good thing that WhatsApp enable s a message to delete feature. 

Import contacts.

After you downloading and logging in to your phone number, WhatsApp automatically integrates the contacts on your app. It enables you to connect with other phone numbers with your WhatsApp account. It can just send messages instantly and reach them out without the hassle of reentering their contacts on phones. 

Share location and live location.

WhatsApp enables you to share your site. Moreover, you can also watch others as they also share background. WhatsApp can also handle live location sharing for different time ranges such as 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. 

These features are great for your family and friends. However, it can also help you locate your virtual assistant place. In this case, you can track them down of their places and areas they are working. You are not stalking them, but instead, you are interested in their location even your virtual assistant works for you remotely or from other countries. 

Allows automatic messaging feature.

You can use automation for your WhatsApp. It enables you to have away messages, greeting messages, quick replies, and labels. You can simply edit it on your setting so you can enjoy multiple messages without giving too much time and effort. It is perfect for business and even when contacting your virtual assistant. 

No Sim Card needed.

WhatsApp does not require any Simcard to be always intact in your phone. As long as you already registered your Simcard number, WhatsApp can work properly. So, you can use other devices to talk to your employees and virtual assistants even if the gadget does not carry any sim card.

Uses data and the internet only.

Because WhatsApp is free to operate globally, the only requirement is mobile data or internet connection. You can easily send messages or conduct voice and video calls if you have stable internet. It gives you the freedom to manipulate all WhatsApp features. 

So, if your virtual assistant needs to talk to you, you only need to stay online, and both of you can connect right away. It differs from other apps in that you still need to load e-money for your Simcard to work. 

Shows if the receiver received it.

You can see instantly if your virtual assistant has received and read your message. It is also possible for any communication on WhatsApp. This feature allows you to check and observe your employees and virtual assistants if they received your message. It also gives you an idea if they are online or already read your chat. 

Focuses on security features.

WhatsApp is a safe place for you to talk about confidential matters. It also enables you and your virtual assistant to arrange plans, budget, marketing, and other business-related issues. In this case, you can freely share info and details for your accounts and client details. 

Compatibility to any phone or device.

You can use any gadget for your WhatsApp. You can have varieties of smartphones and tablets. So, it still syncs all your details and previous messages. 

Besides that, WhatsApp also offers desktop features for your laptop and computers. It allows you to connect your phones to the web browser of a desktop application. As a result, you can send messages and forward files from your computer while working on your table without using your phone. 

Communicating through international messaging.

WhatsApp is available worldwide. In this case, you can communicate with anyone across the world. It is also applicable for your outsourcing. For example, you have a virtual assistant from the Philippines, you can easily talk to them using WhatsApp in a free, quick, and less hassle servicing app. 

WhatsApp still has lots of benefits for your personal and business life. However, it can genuinely make your communication with your virtual assistant as light as possible! 

How can you reach out to your virtual assistant?

Entrepreneurs can connect with their employees and virtual assistants in different ways. Due to the advancement of technology, you can simply communicate with them while sitting on your couch or office chair. 

Here are some of the tools you can use to reach your virtual assistants.

Emails. Most business owners delegate their tasks to their virtual assistants through emails. They can use Gmail, Yahoomail, Microsoft Outlook, and other emailing sites just to reach them out. It is also free and capable of sending big files and formats.

Video conferencing apps. You can also contact your virtual assistant through video conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, and Google Meet. Through these apps, you can share a screen while talking to your virtual assistant.

Team-work management apps. Entrepreneurs like you can also send tasks and jobs to your virtual team through apps like Asana, Trello, and more. It enables you to assign them activities and allow them to send comments on the job. Through this, you can still arrange tasks together whilst talking through comment threads.

Messaging apps. You would surely enjoy messaging apps as it is faster and more efficient. It gives you the ability to teach other to people at any time. Some popular messaging apps include Viber, Telegram, Discord, Wickr, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

You can use any of these tools depending on your convenience. As long as you have a continuous, smooth, and efficient line of communication with your virtual assistant, they can do an excellent job for you.

How to find your virtual assistant?

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