How to Not Forget Your Password Ever Again

How to Not Forget Your Password Ever Again

Are you always forgetting something? 

Forgetting your meetings, your files, or even your passwords?

Your virtual assistants can help you with that! They can set reminders for meetings, organize your files, and even manage your passwords with LastPass.

Lastpass is a one-stop-vault of all your usernames and passwords! It is one of the best virtual assistant software tool that allows you to remember only one master password so you don’t have to think about your passwords when you’re trying to login to important sites or access various apps. 

You can install this software on your device and just add your virtual assistant to access the resources available on your LastPass account. You can install it on your browser and it will automatically sync all your data instantly. Now, your VA can input all your logins, import data from another password manager, and add important sites from your email, all into one vault. You can be sure that everything you put into your vault is safe that only you and your virtual assistant can access. Not even LastPass knows what’s inside your vault. All your data is encrypted and decrypted using your device.

With the help of your virtual assistant and a promising software, never ever forget a password again!