The Best Virtual Assistant Software Tools To Maximise Your Productivity

The Best Virtual Assistant Software Tools To Maximise Your Productivity

If you’re starting a small business or even revamping your business after the pandemic, then your business may need a lot of help when it comes to promoting your business to your target audience or creating content for your social media posts and announcements. Especially now that most businesses operate online, you may want to hire an expert team of virtual assistants that will take care of different areas of your business.

You may have heard or read that there are a lot of benefits why you should hire virtual assistants in your company. It can save you time, gain efficiency, and improve your cash flow within your business. With your virtual assistants to help you with the assigned tasks you have given them, there are certain virtual assistant tools that you can use to harness all the benefits of having virtual assistants for help.

Here are some of the best virtual assistant software tools that you can use to make your work more efficient and organized.

Trello. This software allows you to create boards for whatever project or event you are working on. For each board, you could create cards for specific tasks, assign them to your virtual assistants, and move the cards from one board to another. You can also modify the information on each card, i.e. due dates, attachments, and comments.

Asana. This is another software where you can collaborate with your virtual assistants all the routine tasks to major projects and events. You can create a task, assign it to your virtual assistant, set the due date, set reminders, and organize the tasks by moving them according to priorities. You can also create subtasks for each task so that it will not get lost to other unrelated ones.

LastPass. This is one software that you use to manage all your passwords. So instead of memorizing all passwords of different accounts and software, you can assign your virtual assistant to manage only one account in LastPass.

Otter. This is a transcription software where you can record all your voice conversations into smart notes. You can use this app during your interviews and meetings with your virtual assistants wherever you are and the software will transcribe them for you.

Grammarly. This software allows you to edit your own writings by detecting errors in spelling and grammar while making suggestions on what to replace the words with. Your content creator virtual assistant can use this software when making articles or blogs.

Whatsapp. This is a messenger software that allows you to communicate with your virtual assistants using your mobile device and you can sync all your Whatsapp chats to your PC as well.